Pilot Slapped Incident: Passengers Hunger for Hours on Flight By Crew, Pilot Blame Passengers For Situation

In an incident onboard an IndiGo flight, a new controversy has emerged involving the assault of a pilot. The airline held another passenger responsible for the incident, alleging that the assaulted passenger concealed their mistake and misconduct by blaming the incident on the IndiGo passenger seated in the adjacent seat.

Assault on IndiGo Pilot by Passenger on Delhi-Goa Flight

On January 14, a passenger named Sahil Kataria assaulted the pilot of IndiGo’s Delhi-Goa flight 6E-2175. The video of this incident went viral, and later, the accused passenger was apprehended on January 16.

Delay and Alleged Mistreatment of Passengers on IndiGo Flight

Passengers on an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Goa, scheduled to depart at 7:40 AM, experienced significant delays. Despite the flight being delayed for 10 hours, the crew allegedly neglected the requests of elderly passengers for water. The flight eventually departed after a series of incidents, including an altercation between crew members and passengers.

Russian Model and Actress Accuse Pilot of Delaying Flight

A Russian model and actress, Evgenia Belskaya, accused the pilot of deliberately causing delays and blaming passengers for the delay. Belskaya recorded a video of the incident and claimed that the pilot was unjustly holding passengers responsible for the flight’s tardiness.

Disruptions on IndiGo’s Goa-Delhi and Goa-Mumbai Flights

IndiGo’s flights from Goa to Delhi (6E 2195) and Goa to Mumbai faced disruptions and delays. Passengers became frustrated, leading to altercations with the airline staff. The Mumbai flight, initially scheduled for 10:45 AM, took off at 10:06 AM, aggravating passengers further.

Passengers Exit Aircraft and Protest at Mumbai Airport

After landing in Mumbai at around 11:10 AM, passengers allegedly refused to disembark, expressing their discontent. The airline cited passenger refusal to deboard and return to the terminal building, causing further delays. The incident gained attention when a video of passengers having meals on the tarmac went viral on social media.

Introduction of VOR Rooms at 6 Metro Airports, Including Delhi

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has announced the establishment of VOR (Voice of Runway) rooms at 6 metro airports, including Delhi. This initiative follows two incidents of delays in IndiGo flights. On January 15, the Ministry of Civil Aviation issued a new Standard Operation Protocol (SOP) to enhance passenger services at Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Kolkata metro airports.

In addition to this, airlines are advised to check the status of any Modi flights three times a day if they get delayed. Furthermore, CISF will ensure 24×7 presence for added security measures.

Inauguration of Runway 29L at IGI Airport, Delhi

Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia has announced the reopening of Runway 29L at the IGI Airport in Delhi. Scindia mentioned that this is the oldest runway at Delhi Airport and will be operational again. The runway was initially closed during the G-20 Summit held several years ago and remained closed due to maintenance reasons. Even in the current challenging situation, flights can now operate from this runway.

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