Sudden Tragedy: 5 Dead, Including 2 Children, in 7-Second Mishap at Crematorium Wall Collapse

In the city of Gurugram, Haryana, a major tragedy occurred on Saturday evening. The wall behind the crematorium gate in Madanpuri, Gurugram, suddenly collapsed. As a result, six people sitting near the wall were crushed. Five people, including two children, lost their lives due to being crushed under the fallen wall.

Identified among the deceased are Veer (11), Khushbu, Devi Dayal alias Pappu (70), Manoj Gaba (54), and Krishna Kumar (52), residents of Arjun Nagar. This incident occurred near the Arjun Nagar police station. The crematorium wall was 18 feet high and collapsed unexpectedly.

Upon the complaint of the injured Dileep Kumar, the New Colony police station has registered a case against the Smashaan Bhumi Sudharana Samiti’s management for various negligence under various sections.

Talking to each other while sitting By the wall

A CCTV footage of the incident has also surfaced, in which several people are seen sitting By the wall near the crematorium. Suddenly, within 4 seconds, the wall collapses, and all the people are seen falling beneath it. Upon falling, they try to save themselves from their bricks, but everything happened so quickly that they couldn’t even save themselves. After this, people nearby immediately reached the scene of the incident, and the debris removal started.

Subsequently, the people trapped under the debris were immediately taken to nearby private hospitals. There, amidst the arrangements, Khushbu, Krishna, Manoj, and the innocent children succumbed to their injuries. The Gurugram police reached the scene of the incident, conducted an investigation, and took custody of the bodies.

It was reported at the scene of the incident that the wall was plastered with wood. Therefore, the wall had become damp. Some people were sitting on the wall near the crematorium. Children were playing nearby when the wall suddenly collapsed. Some parked bikes also fell under the debris.

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