Nepal Witnesses Renewed Demand for Hindu State: Protesters Allege Political Corruption

In Nepal, the demand for a Hindu state has once again gained momentum. Hundreds of protestors are taking to the streets of Kathmandu, vocally expressing their demands. They are urging for the restoration of monarchy in the country. According to reports from news agencies, on Wednesday, hundreds of demonstrators descended onto the streets. They were attempting to march towards the Prime Minister’s office and other government offices.

Amidst this, clashes also occurred with their police. Police used batons, tear gas, and water cannons to deter the protestors. This demonstration was under the leadership of Nepal’s Rastriya Prajatantra Party. Amidst this, people were quoted saying, “We love our country and the king more than our lives. Monarchy should be reinstated in the country.”

Nepal became a secular state in 2007, and monarchy was abolished in 2008.

Prior to this, the Rastriya Prajatantra Party had also submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister’s office in February, demanding action against corruption. In 2006, Nepal saw a surge in anti-monarchy sentiments. Following several weeks of protests, the then-king Gyanendra had to abdicate and hand over all power to the parliament.

In 2007, Nepal was declared a secular state, moving away from Hinduism. In subsequent years, monarchy was abolished, and elections were held. This marked the end of the 240-year-old monarchy. Since then, Nepal has seen 13 governments. Politically, Nepal has been unstable for some time now.

Niyati Rao

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