American Diplomat: Embrace the Opportunity to Stay in India for a Bright Future

Eric Garcetti, the American Ambassador to India, states that living in India is a privilege for him. During an event in Delhi, he mentioned that if you want to work for the future world, you should consider India seriously. Living here is a matter of great fortune for me.

Referring to the relations between America and India, Garcetti emphasized the significance the American administration places on the relationship with India. He stated that they are not here to dictate or advise but to listen and learn.

Projection of 8% Economic Growth

The American diplomat’s statement comes at a time when India is estimated to achieve 8% economic growth in 2024. This will spur activities in the country’s industries and service sectors.

Previously, US Senator Rich McCormick stated, “India is moving forward with confidence. Under Modi’s leadership, India’s economy has been growing at a rate of 6-8% annually. Their leadership is very credible. They don’t want to steal technology but are willing to share it. He instills confidence in making technology sharing easier.”

Clarity on CAA

Regarding the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), spokesperson Matthew Miller of the US State Department said – we are concerned about the notification of the CAA which will come into effect on March 11th. We will keep an eye on how this law will be implemented.

Addressing this, Garcetti recently stated that – sometimes consensus is necessary even for disagreements. We will keep an eye on how this law will be implemented. Religious freedom is essential for a strong democracy, and sometimes opinions differ on this issue. There are deep ties between both countries. There may be many disagreements, but they do not affect our relationship. We have many flaws in our country, and we tolerate criticism too.

How important is the American Diplomat in India?

Foreign Affairs Expert Minakshi Ahemad wrote an article in the New York Times about the importance of the American diplomat in India. She mentioned that when China attacked India in 1962, US Ambassador John Kenneth Galbraith was in New Delhi. Galbraith was close to the then American President John F. Kennedy. He also had relations with India’s then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. During the war, his role in supplying American weapons to India was significant.

At the same time, India has recently surpassed Britain to become the world’s fifth-largest economy. Interest in investing in India has increased for American companies. The American embassy can provide much assistance. America also needs India to confront China’s challenge. In this situation, the importance of the American diplomat in India is increasing.

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