Young Man’s Public Misconduct Sparks Outrage in Vadodara: Incident Details

A young woman, just 50 meters away from the Sayajigunj Police Station in Vadodara city, was seen forcibly stopping a young man’s bike to settle a dispute. She allegedly punched him in the stomach and scratched his face. In retaliation, the young woman reportedly also verbally abused the young man. The incident led to the Sayajigunj Police registering a complaint against the young woman and taking further action against her.

I went to the railway station nearby.

Elias Yusufbhai Meman (23), residing in the Mandvi area of Vadodara, has lodged a complaint at Sayajigunj Police Station stating that he has been working at a garment shop in Mangal Bazaar for the last three years. Yesterday, on February 28th, he was laid off from his job, and in the evening, he went to the railway station to catch a train.

The young woman was riding my bike.

I was returning home from the railway station and had parked my bike near the gate of M.S. University at around 7:45 PM. While eating snacks, my bike was parked on the stand. I went to get my bike where an unknown girl was sitting on it. I told her that I needed to go home and that she should get off my bike. She responded by saying that she wouldn’t get off, and I should sit behind her, and she would take me.

The young woman kicked me in the stomach.

When I informed her that she should get off the bike, as I wouldn’t leave without it, the unknown girl suddenly became furious. She started shouting and began kicking me in the stomach, and then she scratched my right cheek with her nails and hit me on the left cheek. She intimidated me and started damaging my bike with stones.

I was startled.

At that moment, when people started gathering, the girl ran away from there, and I, not realizing the seriousness of the situation, did not report it yesterday when I felt anxious. Today, feeling concerned, I have come to file a complaint, and I am now at the Sayajigunj police station reporting the incident. The Sayajigunj police have apprehended the girl and are taking further action.

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