Morbi Suspension Bridge Disaster: SIT Report Blames Oreva Company; Next Hearing After Diwali

In the Morbi Suspension Bridge accident case, today, the final report by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) has been submitted in the High Court. The report holds the entire responsibility for the collapse of the bridge on the Orava company. The victims are demanding the application of Section 302 against the accused. After a thorough investigation, the report will be presented in the High Court post-Diwali vacation.

Insufficient Security Measures on the Bridge

The work on the bridge was delegated to Prakash Solutions, whose credibility was not adequately verified. There was no verification of its international standards. The sale of tickets was not properly regulated. Dinesh Dave and other managers are also held accountable. The report, consisting of thousands of pages, has been submitted in the High Court today. The bridge was initiated without proper security, maintenance, and fitness certificates. Further details will be revealed after a comprehensive study of the reports.

Deep Dive Analysis in this Report

The lawyer for the victims, Utkarsh Dave, mentioned that there was a hearing in the Gujarat High Court today. Approximately 2,000 pages of the SIT report will be handed over to us today. It has been explicitly stated in the report that Orava company’s director and its two managers, Dinesh Dave and Deepak Parikh, are entirely responsible. The critical point here is that there was no proper security arrangement in place. The honorable court asked Orava company’s representatives whether they have done anything for the families of the deceased, especially for the sisters who have become widows. What have you done for the children who have become orphans? This report includes a deep dive analysis. We will need a week to go through the report, so the High Court has scheduled the next hearing post-Diwali vacation.

135 People Perished in the Suspension Bridge Tragedy

On October 31, 2022, the Suspension bridge over the Machhu River in Morbi collapsed, leading to the tragic death of a total of 135 individuals, including 21 children. In this case, a total of 10 accused individuals have been arrested. Earlier, three security guards and two ticket checkers had also been released on bail from the High Court.

The Case Reached the Supreme Court

This case had also reached the Supreme Court earlier when the victims had demanded a CBI investigation into the matter. Constant demands were made for a thorough investigation. The issue of compensation and accountability of the agencies and individuals will be addressed.

Suspension Bridge Reopened After Two Years

Morbi’s Suspension bridge was reopened on the occasion of the New Year. The MD of Orava Group, which owns the bridge, inaugurated it. The renovation of the bridge cost approximately INR 20 crores and took place in 1880. The bridge’s materials were imported from England, and it was constructed to connect Morbi to Rajkot. Now, this Suspension bridge serves as a symbol of unity for the entire Saurashtra region. The Morbi Suspension bridge, over 140 years old, stands at an impressive height of approximately 765 feet. It is not only a pride of Gujarat but also a historical legacy for the entire nation.

Inauguration of the Suspension Bridge in 1879

Speaking of the Morbi Suspension bridge, on February 20, 1879, Governor Richard Temple of Mumbai presided over the inauguration ceremony of this bridge. At that time, it cost around 3.5 lakhs INR and was completed in 1880. The bridge’s materials were imported from England, and it was constructed to connect Rajkot to Narsangpur. Today, this Suspension bridge symbolizes unity and represents the entire Saurashtra region. Morbi’s Suspension bridge, now over 140 years old, stands tall at approximately 765 feet, making it an important historical monument not just for Gujarat but for the entire nation.

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