Find the Cowherd, or We Will Reach the Land With the Cattle; Amc to Account for Animal Registration Crores: Nagji Desai

Problems related to cattle tethering have prompted interventions from the Gujarat High Court, resulting in clashes between corporations, law enforcement, and cattle owners. Recently, cattle owners, including Nagjibhai Desai, the leader of a cattle unity committee, gathered in large numbers outside the Hanuman Temple in Bapunagar, Ahmedabad, to protest against the impounding of cattle.

Nagjibhai Desai Addresses the Crowd – Protest at Hanuman Temple

Nagjibhai Desai expressed our demand to continue our traditional occupation of animal husbandry, seeking licenses and permits based on the taxation and utility bills for the land in question. Years ago, Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra had raised crores of rupees in the name of cattle registration, funds that were supposed to benefit cattle owners.

Crores Raised in the Name of Cattle Registration: Nagjibhai Desai’s Stand

Desai further revealed that the ongoing agitation for the preservation of animal husbandry commenced with a visit to the Hanuman Temple in Bapunagar this morning. Families associated with cattle ownership contributed Rs. 200 per family for the cause, resulting in the collection of crores of rupees. He emphasized that the collected funds should be used to demand an account of the crores raised by former Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra in the name of cattle registration.

Protest Initiated at Hanuman Temple for Animal Husbandry Preservation – Nagjibhai Desai’s Call to Action

Desai disclosed that today, in the morning, a protest was initiated at the Hanuman Temple in Bapunagar, symbolizing the commencement of the movement for the preservation of animal husbandry. Each family associated with cattle ownership contributed Rs. 200 for the cause, resulting in the collection of crores of rupees. This demand for accountability was presented to the Municipal Corporation’s office on Tuesday morning. The former Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nehra raised crores of rupees in the name of cattle registration, and we demand an account of it.

‘Tax Bill Contains the Address, Provide a License for This Place’

The protest does not aim to capture roaming animals on the streets, but to secure documents for keeping animals. If one wishes to engage in the dairy business, proper documentation is required for the designated place. So, why is it necessary for shopkeepers, including those of paan shops, to have licenses with documentation? If all this is applicable, we are not against it. Our demand is to provide a license based on the Aadhaar card, electricity bill, and municipal corporation’s tax bill for our place. We can build sheds near our homes; we don’t need any charity. If there are illegal sheds, catch them; we have no objection.

No Opposition to Catching Stray Cattle, Just Need for Proper Documentation – The Reality of Cattle Tethering

The work of catching stray cattle on the streets has not faced any opposition from us, but documentation for keeping animals is demanded by cattle owners. The crackdown has resulted in the collaboration of dairy managers with the authorities. We are aware of everything, and we will ensure the continued availability of milk and water every month. We will search for the missing calves, and with the city’s expansion, our difficulties have increased.

Without Any Planning, The City Has Expanded: Challenges in Organizing Without Proper Events. Without proper event planning, the city has expanded, making it difficult for any form of organization related to animals without considering their needs.

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