Youth Faces Heart Attack While Driving Tractor, Sparking Village Mourning for BJP Leader’s Brother’s Demise

In Banaskantha, a young farmer met an untimely death due to a heart attack. The incident occurred during the procession of Lord Shriram’s chariot in the village of Talegadh, where the 35-year-old farmer, Revabhai Pankuta Shriram Bhagwan, suddenly fell victim to a heart attack while driving a tractor in the religious procession.

During Shriram’s chariot procession, sudden chest pain emerged

In the midst of Shriram’s chariot procession, Revabhai and others were actively participating, chanting slogans in devotion to Lord Shriram while driving the tractor. At this moment, he suddenly experienced chest pain.

Mourning Atmosphere in the Village after the Brother of BJP Leader’s Death

The atmosphere in the village turned mournful following the death of the brother of a prominent BJP leader. The incident led the locals to rush him to the hospital, where he succumbed to a heart attack. Babubhai Pankuta, the former chairman of the Lakhani Market Yard and the director of the Disa Market Yard, and the younger brother of the leading BJP figure Babubhai Pankuta, passed away. The unexpected death of a young farmer due to a heart attack also cast a widespread sense of grief in the family and the village.

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