Undercover Operation Exposes ‘Agentraj’ at Ahmedabad RTO: Form Fraud Sting Leads to Arrests

A secretive operation called ‘Agent Raj’ is reportedly underway in Ahmedabad’s RTO office. About 100 meters from the RTO office, there is a police notice stating ‘No Entry’ for the public. However, agents bypass this notice and continue to operate within the RTO office by filling out forms alongside regular citizens. While ordinary individuals may face consequences for entering the RTO office, agents seem to have priority access, with their work typically being completed within a day. The operation’s secrecy raises significant questions.

Agents Command High Fees From the Public

Approximately two years ago, police conducted a crackdown on agents, who were known for their strong-arm tactics. Despite police intervention, the same conditions have reemerged today. The operation ‘Agent Raj’ can be clearly seen in Divya Bhaskar’s sting operation, where individuals are identified as RTO agents. These individuals charge exorbitant fees from ordinary citizens in exchange for getting their work done.

Meetings With Agents Occur Daily at 4 PM

Most agent-related activities in the RTO office occur at 4 PM in the evening. Notably, these meetings take place after the release of public notices by the police indicating that agents are not allowed within 100 meters of the RTO. However, as seen daily at 4 PM, agents continue to operate inside the RTO office. The lack of action against agents and their unrestricted access to the RTO office are major concerns.

Security Guards Reportedly Violating Regulations

Within the RTO office, only agents are seen openly handling various forms. They work efficiently and conveniently. Divya Bhaskar’s sting operation shows many agents carrying forms within the RTO office without any hindrance from the security guards. These practices appear to violate the government’s regulations. During a conversation with an agent, it was revealed that they are agents who work to obtain rickshaw and taxi licenses and perform various other tasks for the public.

People Turn to Agents When Servers Are Down

 Typically, most RTO work is done online, causing inconvenience for many people. Furthermore, when servers go down, people seek agents to complete their tasks. In some cases, senior citizens and individuals with limited technological knowledge opt for agents, making it easier for agents to find work. Consequently, in government offices like the RTO, ‘Agent Raj’ remains a significant concern.

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