India Seeks US-Turkey Help to Save Marines from Death Penalty – Government Response

On the 26th of October, the Qatari court sentenced 8 former Indian Navy personnel to the death penalty. According to Qatari laws, appellants have 15 days to file an appeal before the court’s orders, of which 6 days have already passed. This means they have only 9 days left to escape the death penalty. Media reports suggest that they are facing serious espionage charges.

On the 30th of October, the families of the eight former naval personnel met with India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar. This meeting happened immediately after the announcement of the death penalty, and it is a significant development in efforts to seek a reprieve for these individuals and address their concerns. Earlier, the families had not received any response, but now they have also contacted senior officials of the BJP. However, there is still uncertainty regarding the outcome.

Today, we will learn how the government’s efforts in the last 14 months to save its former navy personnel in Qatar have fared, what role various news channels in India can play in the future, and how effective they are.

Q 1: What Was Discussed in the Meeting With the Foreign Minister?

Answer: In the meeting, Jaishankar assured that the Indian government is making all possible efforts to safely bring back the sailors. According to sources, this meeting lasted for almost two hours. In addition to the Foreign Minister, the Foreign State Minister, the Foreign Secretary, and India’s ambassadors in Qatar, along with approximately 20 family members of the sailors, were also present.

The wives and female family members of the Indian sailors also pleaded with the Foreign Minister. Some family members expressed their dissatisfaction with the government’s handling of the situation. They believe that the honor of the country is at stake because these Indian sailors have been detained in a foreign jail for over 14 months, suffering both physical and mental distress.

According to officials from the Ministry of External Affairs, the Indian government expects to achieve a positive outcome in the entire matter within a month. However, it is not clear how the government will handle this case, as sources have not provided any information on that.

Q 2: Which Channels is the Government Using to Save the Soldiers From Death?

Answer: According to sources, India is seeking assistance from Turkey to negotiate with Qatar to release the sailors. Qatar has close ties with the royal family of Turkey, so the government has reached out to them. The Indian government has also been in contact with the United States for assistance. This is because Qatar is influenced by the strong geopolitical dynamics with the United States.

In addition, there is speculation that if the Foreign Ministry’s diplomacy fails, Prime Minister Narendra Modi may use his personal rapport with Qatar’s Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani to communicate with him. India has enlisted the help of former Indian diplomat Deepak Mittal, who is now posted in Qatar when dealing with this matter. However, it’s worth noting that there have been allegations that Mittal mishandled the case from the sailors’ family members.

Q 3: How Has the Government’s Attempt to Save the Former Soldiers in the Last 14 Months Failed? 

Answer: According to sources, the Ministry of External Affairs began dealing with this issue in August last year. Since then, these 14 months have seen little immediate progress in resolving the old case. Before the meeting, it was made clear that the records of their conversations would be recorded. The meeting was supposed to last for 15 to 20 minutes. However, the government has refused to talk to the media about these issues. Officials have stated that media coverage could have an impact on the case.

When the media raised the issue, the government provided information about Indian Marine’s detention in Qatar in August. Up until now, they have not contacted the family members of the sailors, which Major General Satbir Singh has characterized as a failure of the government’s handling of the situation. The government said they are taking action to save the sailors, but had they acted earlier, there might not have been any need for the sailors to face a death penalty.

According to sources, the issue of former Indian Navy personnel is still pending in Qatar. The trial is expected to start soon, followed by the death penalty, and now the Indian community can contact Qatar’s Court of Appeals. After this, they can knock on the doors of Qatar’s Supreme Court. In terms of diplomacy, everything is in the hands of the Qatari Amir. He has the highest power, which he exercises every year on Eid and Qatar’s National Day, which is on December 18. He forgives people’s death penalties. Now, the Indian government is in a difficult situation as the bilateral relationship with Qatar is at stake.

Q 4: Did the Family Members Visit Qatar Before, and Did They Meet These Sailors?

Answer: Yes, eight families of former sailors have visited Qatar and met their sons. For this purpose, each one was taken to a safe house. Their meetings lasted for 15 to 20 minutes. It was stated before the meeting that their conversations would be recorded. Some family members of the sailors have relations in Qatar.

Q 5: Every Sunday, the Sailors Were Allowed to Talk to Their Families for 5 Minutes. What Did They Say During That Time? 

Answer: During those conversations, they told their families that they could only talk in English. They could only talk about selected issues. It is still being inquired when they will be released. They stated that they are in good health and they are allowed to talk only on selected issues. These conversations happened during specific time slots.

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