Heart Attack in Modasa During Post-Navchandi Yajna Garba Celebration

Concerns Rise Over Heart Attacks in Garba Events, Builder Passes Away

Recent incidents of heart attacks during Garba events are causing significant concern. Young individuals, whether engaged in physical activities or sitting at home, have suddenly become victims of heart attacks. In the Aravalli district, a 54-year-old builder lost his life due to a heart attack during Garba celebrations.

The man, associated with the Malpur taluka in the Jesinghpur village, was participating in the Sahiyarri Navchandi Yagna after which he joined the Garba celebrations. Engrossed in the Garba fervor, he collapsed during the festivities. Identified as Kamlesh Patel, he was associated with the Lane Mark Builder Group.

Experiencing discomfort in the chest, Patel stepped out of the Garba circle but tragically fell down. Despite immediate attempts by family members and fellow Garba-goers to assist him, he couldn’t be saved. Patel had been actively participating in Garba, winning in various rounds, and was known for his enthusiasm.

This incident has sparked discussions about the potential health risks during high-energy events like Garba. It serves as a reminder of the importance of being cautious about one’s health, especially during physically demanding activities, and seeking medical attention if any discomfort or symptoms arise.

Niyati Rao

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