Ahmedabad Stone Pelting: Groups Clash Over Food, Police on High Alert

Stone Pelting Incident at Night Market in Ahmedabad

A violent incident occurred last night at a night market in Ahmedabad when tensions escalated, leading to stone pelting between two groups. Several people in the vicinity panicked, and clashes resulted in injuries. At one point, a group chanted religious phrases while throwing stones. The police were alerted and immediately dispatched to the scene.

Stone Pelting Between Two Groups in Madhupura

At the Eidgah Circle near Madhupura Police Station, a few individuals gathered around a food stall where a heated argument led to stone pelting. As violence erupted, people in the vicinity started running in fear. Stones were thrown between two groups, and some individuals were injured in the process. Some participants were seen chanting religious phrases while hurling stones.

Viral Videos of Stone Pelting

While the situation was unfolding, police arrived promptly at the scene. A police contingent, including the Madhupura PI, reached the location, and the stone pelting was immediately dispersed. The police have taken statements from the stall owner and are investigating the incident. Videos of the stone pelting incident have gone viral on social media platforms.

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