Official Neglect Causes Traffic Chaos: Illegal Driving and Indiscriminate Parking Worsen Congestion

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation had been actively working to remove encroachments near the Civil Hospital. Some people had confrontations with the corporation’s team. The deputy commissioner responsible for clearing encroachments was also allegedly assaulted, leading to serious consequences for the attackers. Following this incident, both the corporation and the police intensified their efforts. The corporation conducted daily drives to clear encroachments outside the Civil Hospital, but now traffic obstructions have resurfaced. People are currently parking vehicles haphazardly around the hospital.

Unauthorized Structures Cause Trouble for Officials

Deputy Commissioner Ramya Bhatt has been attacked while trying to address unauthorized structures. Several accused individuals have been noted operating non-legal stalls and businesses. They often obstruct the road, engage in commercial activities, and extort money from the public. This situation has made it challenging for officials to perform their duties. When attempting to conduct their work, they were often hindered, leading to frustration among the officials and employees.

Multiple Charges Against Accused Individuals

A total of 16 people face charges in this case, with key accused Kanu Thakor and Deepa Thakor among them. Both accused individuals are siblings who operate non-legal stalls and shops near the Civil Hospital. They are also involved in unauthorized activities, including illegal encroachments. Kanu Thakor faced charges related to murder, assault, threats to kill, rioting, and attempted suicide incitement, while Deepa Thakor faced charges of assault, rioting, threats to kill, and several other offenses.

Drive to Remove Encroachments Commences

Following the recent incident, both the police and the corporation have been actively involved in addressing the situation. The police have registered complaints against the accused individuals, aiming to apprehend them. Throughout the day, the corporation continued its efforts to clear encroachments outside the Civil Hospital. However, this has also led to consistent traffic disruptions in the area.

Installation of Boards and Lanes by the Former Corporator near the Temple

Starting early in the morning and continuing late into the night, the corporation has been actively engaged in clearing encroachments outside the Civil Hospital. This operation is limited to the area in front of the Civil Hospital. Meanwhile, near the Civil Hospital road, a former corporator has installed boards outside a temple and marked lanes on the road. This has resulted in adjustments to parking areas. At night, the encroachments were removed, but the former corporator also got signboards placed below the lane near the temple.

Ambulances Face Difficulty Due to Unauthorized Stalls

Within a 300-meter radius of the Civil Hospital, even the government Kidney Hospital is facing similar encroachments. The Kidney Hospital also has several unauthorized stalls present for many months. The main road is also affected, causing difficulties for ambulances. Despite the recent incident, the Kidney Hospital has not yet resolved the issue of illegal stalls. Ambulances sometimes find it challenging to maneuver through the traffic jams. Despite the ongoing issues, the Corporation today removed encroachments outside the Civil Hospital. While the Civil Hospital area is now clear of such obstructions, traffic disruptions have returned to the main roads. People are still parking their vehicles indiscriminately around the hospital.

Drivers Becoming Restive

Following one of the major incidents involving the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, efforts have been made to address the issue. However, only the area in front of the Civil Hospital has been cleared. Encroachments have not been fully resolved, and similar stalls and obstructions have reappeared in the area. People are now parking their vehicles in front of the corporation’s drive in the past where they have now regained the freedom to park. The situation has become difficult for vehicle drivers due to inconsistent policies.

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