October 28 Lunar Eclipse: Today’s Sharad Purnima, Lunar Eclipse to Begin at 4 AM

October 28, Saturday: Sharad Purnima and a lunar eclipse fall on this day. On the night of this Purnima, there is a tradition of making and consuming Doodhpau (a special milk-based dish). During this time, the lunar eclipse will also occur, and its Sutak (inauspicious period) begins in the morning, which is why there is a taboo on making Doodhpau on the night of Sharad Purnima. To dispel this taboo, discussions have been held with astrologers and religious scholars from Badrinath, Ujjain, and Vrindavan.

Badrinath and Ujjain, along with many other cities in the country, will celebrate Sharad Purnima on Friday, October 27. On the same day, the ISKCON temple in Vrindavan will prepare Doodhpau for Sharad Purnima night, but this year, there will be no Sharadotsav in Banke Bihari Temple.

According to, a partial lunar eclipse on October 28 will begin at 1:05 PM and end at 2:24 PM. The eclipse’s duration is approximately 1 hour and 19 minutes. After 2023, the upcoming lunar eclipse will be visible in India on the night of September 17-18, 2024.

Q: Where Will the Lunar Eclipse Be Visible? 

Answer: The lunar eclipse on the night of October 28 will be visible across India as a whole. It will be visible in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, North America, the Pacific, and the Indian Ocean.

Q: What Auspicious Activities Are Performed on the Day of Sharad Purnima? 

Answer: Sharad Purnima is associated with various traditions and rituals. On this day, special prayers are offered to Lord Krishna, Doodhpau is prepared, an Abhishek (ceremonial bath) for Goddess Lakshmi is performed, and readings of Vishnu’s scriptures and mantras are conducted. Devotees also engage in storytelling. This day is auspicious for taking a holy dip in sacred rivers and visiting pilgrimage sites.

Q: If There is a Lunar Eclipse on Sharad Purnima Night, When Should the Associated Traditions Be Observed? 

Answer: According to the head priest of Badrinath, Bhubanchandra Uniyal, due to the lunar eclipse on Sharad Purnima night, the associated traditions should be observed on the evening of October 27. In Ujjain as well, the observance of Sharad Purnima Puja will be on the 27th of October.

Q: What is the Significance of Sharad Purnima, and Why is It Celebrated? 

Answer: Sharad Purnima holds great significance as it is believed to be the night when Lord Krishna danced with the Gopis during the Dwapar Yuga. It is also believed that on this night, Goddess Lakshmi visits the Earth and inquires who is awake. Due to these beliefs, this day is celebrated as Sharad Purnima. Additionally, it is known as Maharas, where Lord Krishna performed the divine dance with the Gopis.

Q: Why is Doodhpau (Milk-based Dish) Made During Sharad Purnima?

Answer: Sharad Purnima is mentioned in religious scriptures as well as Ayurveda. This night is associated with the tradition of preparing Doodhpau made with saffron and various dry fruits. The combination of milk, rice, sugar, saffron, and dry fruits is believed to have both religious and health benefits.

Dr. Ram Arora, an Ayurvedic practitioner in Ujjain, states that the moon’s rays on Sharad Purnima have medicinal properties. When these rays fall on Doodhpau, it enhances its health benefits. Doodhpau helps boost the immune system and provides protection against seasonal illnesses.

Q: What Should and Shouldn’t Be Done During the Sutak (Inauspicious Period) of a Lunar Eclipse?

Answer: The Sutak period for a lunar eclipse starts nine hours before the eclipse begins and continues until the eclipse ends. During this time, activities such as worship, temple visits, marriages, housewarming ceremonies, and starting new business ventures are considered inauspicious and are generally avoided. Temples remain closed during the Sutak period and are purified after the eclipse ends. Reciting mantras of deities is recommended during the Sutak period.

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