Hina Khan Smiles While Cutting Her Hair: Battling Cancer, Actress Shares Video, Celebs Say, ‘You Are Very Brave’

Amidst her battle with cancer, actress Hina Khan has shared a video on her social media account. In it, she is seen happily cutting her own hair.

Hina’s Mother Reluctant to Cut Hair

At the beginning of the video, Hina’s mother is seen crying. She is not happy with her daughter cutting her hair. Hina is explaining to her mother that it’s just hair and it will grow back after cutting it.

Pain Evident on Hina’s Face

Following this, Hina’s face clearly showed pain. Despite suppressing her pain, Hina nervously cuts her hair while smiling. During this, the actress indicates that she feels very good and is feeling free. She likes her new look. At the end of the video, Hina’s mother kisses her cheek.

Mata was seen kissing Hina after her haircut

Long Note Shared with the Video

While sharing the video, the actress also posted a lengthy note. She wrote, “You can hear my mother crying in the beginning. She wasn’t ready for me to cut my hair. She had prepared herself for the sight of her daughter that she had never imagined. Handling this heart-breaking moment takes equal strength from all of us.

Further, Hina wrote, “For all those beautiful people out there, especially the women fighting this battle with me, I know it’s tough. I know hair is like a crown we never take off. But I’ve chosen to conquer difficulties.”

Hina also shared a photo of her long hair cut

Hina is Documenting Her Journey

Hina is documenting her journey. The actress also mentioned in this caption that she used to ask to cut her beautiful hair before. She couldn’t bear to endure this mental breakdown for so many weeks. So she cut her hair herself.

The actress said she was recording her journey so that it could be useful to someone. In this post, Hina thanked her boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal for his support.

Hina is undergoing treatment at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai

Many Celebrities Prayed for Her Speedy Recovery

Many celebrities quickly sent their best wishes for Hina’s speedy recovery on her post, including co-actors like Mouni Roy, Gauhar Khan, Disha Parmar, Riddhi Dogra, and Rohan Mehra.

Many celebs commented and prayed for Hina's speedy recovery

Hina is Battling Stage III Breast Cancer

Hina is battling stage III breast cancer and is undergoing treatment at Mumbai’s Kokilaben Hospital. Since the actress learned about this news, she has been sharing positive posts on her social media accounts.

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