India Suspends Canadian Visa Process Amid Khalistan Tensions: Concerns for Gujarati Student’s Parents

India has taken a significant decision today, causing tension between both countries due to increasing tension in the Khalistan issue. The Indian government has suspended visa services for Canadian citizens. This move comes amidst escalating tensions between the two nations. The Ministry of External Affairs has halted visa services for an indefinite period.

According to media reports, there have been no official announcements regarding the suspension of visa services. Meanwhile, Canadian visa centers run by BLS International in Canada have posted a message on their Canadian website, stating, “Important Notice: Indian Visa Services will be suspended from Thursday, 21st September 2023 until further notice.”

Media reports claim that an Indian official had confirmed the suspension of visa services, but further comments were declined.

Thousands of Gujarati Students in Canada

Following the strained relations between India and Canada, Gujarati students and their parents are worried. Approximately 40,000 Gujaratis from India come to different cities and universities in Canada every year. Until 2023, an estimated 900,000 students from India have entered various Canadian institutions. Out of these, around 185,000 are Gujarati students, which means approximately 20% of the students in Canada are from Gujarat. Punjab has the highest number of students from India in Canada, followed by Haryana, and Gujarat is third. The parents of Gujarati students who have gone to Canada are concerned about what will happen now, as students living there report that there is no visible tension, and everything is normal. The Indian government has advised students and Indian nationals residing in Canada to remain cautious, but the Canadian government has reassured that there is no cause for alarm. While parents naturally worry about their children living in Canada, there doesn’t seem to be any significant disturbance among the students at this time.

BLS International’s Website Posts a Message

Tensions have been escalating between India and Canada. Amidst the ongoing diplomatic dispute, Indian visa services in Canada have been suspended. In reality, tensions have been on the rise between the two countries, especially since Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau voiced support for Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Khalistan supporter in Canada, which India strongly objected to.

BLS International Issues Advisory for Indian Students in Canada

BLS International – an online visa application center that manages applications for India and other countries – has posted a message on its website: “Due to operational reasons, Indian visa services will remain suspended until further notice, starting from September 21, 2023.” “Please keep checking the BLS website for further updates.”

In light of the increasing anti-India activities in Canada, the Indian Ministry of External Affairs has issued an advisory cautioning Indian residents and students in Canada. They are advised to remain extremely vigilant, as Indian residents in Canada may become targets of hate crimes due to escalating tensions. The ongoing diplomatic dispute between Canada and India, sparked by accusations against India regarding the murder of Sikh leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, has exacerbated relations between the two countries.

On Wednesday, India Issued an Advisory.

The Indian government has advised Indian students and citizens residing in Canada to exercise caution due to rising anti-India sentiments and activities in the country. Meanwhile, Canada and India have issued directives for their respective diplomatic missions to evacuate their citizens from each other’s countries if necessary, as the situation remains tense. Among the Indian students studying abroad, Canada has become a hub for education. However, the question of what will happen to Indian students and expatriates living there amidst these tensions remains a looming concern. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has issued advisories for Indian students and citizens residing in Canada to stay cautious and vigilant, especially in the face of increasing anti-India activities in the country. The safety of Indian residents and students in Canada is of utmost importance, and measures are being taken to ensure their security during these challenging times.

Advisories Issued for Indian Nationals in Canada

On Tuesday, Canada issued advisories regarding ongoing anti-India activities in Canada, prompting the Indian Ministry of External Affairs to also issue advisories for Indian nationals residing in Canada. It was stated that those residing in Canada or traveling there should exercise extreme caution, as there have been recent threats against Indian diplomats and the Indian community. These threats come from individuals who oppose India’s agenda.

According to the advisories, individuals should be mindful of the situation and avoid crowded places where anti-India activities are occurring. The Indian High Commission and Consulates-General are in contact with Canadian authorities to ensure the safety of the Indian community. Indian students studying in Canada are also advised to be particularly cautious, given the current security situation.

The Indian community and students can register complaints on the websites of the High Commission and Consulates, should they face any issues related to their safety in Canada.

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