Notorious Punjab Gangster Sukha Singh Killed in Canada in Inter-Gang Rivalry

According to intelligence reports originating from Canada, Sukhdool Singh, also known as Sukha Duneke, a prominent member of the Davinder Bambiha gang hailing from the Moga district, met his demise in an incident of inter-gang rivalry on the night of Wednesday. This incident bears resemblance to the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a known terrorist, in a prior inter-gang conflict that took place in Surrey on June 19. In the case of Nijjar, it was reported that his adversaries fired approximately 15 bullets into him.

It has come to light that Sukhdool Singh, widely known as Sukha Duneke, reportedly fled from India to Canada in 2017, using forged documents to enter the country. Additionally, it has been disclosed that he has accumulated a total of seven criminal cases registered against him in India. These revelations shed light on his criminal history and the circumstances surrounding his relocation to Canada.

The revelation that there are currently at least 29 gangsters from the Punjab region and its vicinity who have sought refuge outside of India to avoid law enforcement is a matter of significant concern. These individuals have reportedly used various means to leave India, including the use of Indian passports with fake or forged travel documents or by exploiting routes through countries like Nepal.

The revelation that several individuals, including those with criminal backgrounds, are finding refuge in various countries, including Canada, raises concerns about international cooperation on law enforcement matters. It also highlights the challenges associated with extradition and diplomatic relations between countries. Here is a brief overview of the individuals mentioned in the list and the countries where they are reportedly residing:


  • Arshdeep Singh
  • Charnjeet Singh
  • Gurpinder Singh
  • Lakhbir Singh
  • Ramandeep Singh
  • Satveer Singh Warring
  • Snover Dhillion
  • Sukhdool Singh (Deceased)

United States:

  • Amrit Bal
  • Anmol Bishnoi
  • Darmanjit Singh
  • Gaurav Patyal
  • Gurjant Singh
  • Harjot Singh
  • Karanvir Singh
  • Kinderbir Singh
  • Rakjesh Kumar
  • Rashpal Singh
  • Satinderjit Singh


  • Gurjant Singh
  • Gagandeep Singh


  • Harvinder Singh Sandhu


  • Jackpal Singh
  • Jagjeet Singh


  • Kuldeep Singh

Hong Kong:

  • Ramanjit Singh


  • Rohit Godara


  • Sandeep Grewal


  • Supreet Singh

The presence of individuals with criminal backgrounds in various countries poses both legal and security challenges. It is essential for countries involved to work together through diplomatic channels, international law enforcement agencies, and extradition treaties to address these concerns.

It’s important to note that accusations and allegations without substantive proof can strain diplomatic relations between countries. Therefore, it is crucial for all parties involved to follow established legal procedures and present compelling evidence when seeking the extradition or prosecution of individuals.

Efforts to address this issue should focus on enhancing international cooperation in combating organized crime, improving information sharing among law enforcement agencies, and ensuring that justice is served while upholding the principles of due process and the rule of law.

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