Risky Morning Ride: Vadodara Rickshaw Stunt Goes Viral, Police Take Action

Nowadays, the trend of gaining cheap fame on social media by uploading videos of stunts is increasing rapidly. Sometimes people forget the risk involved in becoming famous overnight on social media. Recently, a video of 6 minor children performing a risky stunt went viral in Vadodara city. In this video, six children are seen making a video with a mobile phone in one hand behind a rickshaw, while holding onto the rickshaw with the other hand, indulging in reckless fun. This video has caught the attention of the police, leading to an investigation into the rickshaw driver’s negligence.

Risky Stunt by Minors

A video of children’s risky ride in Vadodara has gone viral on social media. This video is within the jurisdiction of Fatehganj Police Station. In this video, children are seen performing risky stunts behind a rickshaw. The video has been traced to the Madhunagar Bridge area. This video has prompted police action after being reshared by a vigilant driver, initiating an investigation into the rickshaw driver’s negligence.

Risks of Reels for Other Citizens

Fatehganj Police Inspector, Mr. A.M.Gadhvi, stated that we are investigating this video. We are investigating the rickshaw shown in the video, and appropriate action will be taken against those who indulge in such risky rides. It is noteworthy that nowadays, people who forget the rules of social media reels pose a risk to other citizens. A video of stunt performers creating reels to make social media stunts popular has come to light from Fatehganj Police Station’s jurisdiction. The entire loaded rickshaw with 6 children hanging on it to make the video is a dangerous act, and in this regard, it is a warning to the police. The Fatehganj Police have initiated an investigation into this matter.

Niyati Rao

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