New Mayors Announced for Surat Dakshesh Mavani and Rajkot Nayan Pedhadiya

Dakshesh Mavani has been announced as the 38th Mayor of Surat Municipal Corporation, with Rajan Patel serving as the Chairman of the Standing Committee, Dandak Dharmesh Vanayavala as the Deputy Mayor, and Shashi Tripathi as the nominated leader of the ruling party. Meanwhile, Nayanaben Pedhadiya has been declared as the Mayor of Rajkot. The race for the Mayor’s office saw the name of Jyotsnana Tilala until the last round. Jaymin Thakar has been appointed as the Chairman of the Standing Committee.

For the first time, the process of electing the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Chairman of the Standing Committee in Rajkot Municipality was overseen by regional inspectors. Political leaders held a review with officials and councilors, expecting feedback alongside the assessment. Rotation dictates that a female candidate will hold the position of Mayor, and discussions for the last 15 days included Dr. Darshana Pandya, Jyotsnana Tilala, Nayanaben Pedhadiya, Bharati Parasnani, Varsha Ranpara, and Priti Doshi’s names. However, now, Nayanaben Pedhadiya, a Patidar woman, is set to become the Mayor in Rajkot.

Jaymin Thakar Appointed as Chairman of Rajkot’s New Standing Committee

The selection process for the new Chairman of Rajkot’s Standing Committee was closely watched by the Brahmin community. Jaymin Thakar, an educated and clean-faced candidate, has been given the position. His name emerged after discussions over the last 15 days, surpassing other contenders, including Devang Mankad. Meanwhile, for the Deputy Mayor position, the BJP has announced Narendra Singh Jadeja, despite earlier discussions involving Niti Ramani, Dr. Alpesh Morzariya, and Pareshbhai Pipaliya.

Nayana Pedhadiya Holds a Prominent Position in Both Party and Government

Nayana Pedhadiya has been appointed as the Mayor of Rajkot. She currently serves as the Corporator for Ward No. 4 and has previously held the position of the head of the BJP Mahila Morcha in Rajkot city. Her active involvement in the organization led to her consistent recognition, ultimately culminating in her appointment as the Mayor on behalf of the BJP party.

Devang Mankad Loses the Bid

The name of Devang Mankad had been in contention for the position of Chairman of the Standing Committee. He is a Corporator for Ward No. 7 and a trustee of Panchanath Trust. His name has been prominent in public service, and he has previously served as the Chairman of the Primary Education Committee in the city. However, during the recent legislative assembly elections, his name emerged as a contender in the western seat, highlighting his clean and educated image. Nevertheless, Jaymin Thakar was chosen as the Chairman of the Standing Committee instead of him.

Saurashtrian Patidar Becomes Mayor in Surat

Dakshesh Mavani, a Saurashtrian Patidar, has been announced as the 38th Mayor of Surat Municipal Corporation. The appointment of Rajan Patel as the Chairman of the Standing Committee, Dandak Dharmesh Vanayavala as the Deputy Mayor, and the selection of Shashi Tripathi as the nominated leader of the ruling party have also been made. Moreover, the BJP has refrained from any public discussions regarding other potential candidates, creating an environment of surprise and speculation.

BJP Upholds Tradition

Dakshesh Mavani, a Saurashtrian, has been chosen as the Mayor. He previously served as the Chairman of the Standing Committee in Surat. The city has been maintaining such traditions for a long time, with the Mayor’s position often going to prominent leaders from the region. In the last term, Hemaliben Boghawala was the Mayor, and Parsh Patel was the Chairman of the Standing Committee, continuing this tradition in Surat.

Swift Progress Expected on Riverfront and Other Projects

The newly appointed Mayor of Surat, Dakshesh Mavani, has announced plans to expedite the city’s development projects. He expressed confidence in the party’s vision and pledged dedicated efforts to fulfill that vision. Work on projects like the Riverfront and others is expected to accelerate under his leadership.

Efforts to Entrust Crucial Responsibilities and Achieve Completion

Chairman of the Standing Committee, Rajan Patel, stated that projects like the Metro are currently in progress in the city. Due to this, people are facing significant difficulties. Besides, there are various major projects that require swift execution. To address these challenges, the Indian National Congress party has enlisted several dedicated workers. Today, they are being entrusted with important responsibilities to ensure their successful completion.

Regional Leaders Appointed Within the Political Party

As a regional leader within the political party, Amit Singh Rajput, a Hindi-speaking Rajput, has been given the responsibility to appoint Shashi Tripathi as a regional leader for the party. This position holds significant importance within the party. Over the past several years, this tradition has been followed diligently by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), where individuals from various states, regions, and backgrounds have been given a fair chance to participate.

Increasing Representation of Women in the Standing Committee

For the first time, eight women have been appointed to positions in the Standing Committee. These newly appointed female corporators join the committee, adding fresh perspectives and representation. The Standing Committee consists of 12 members, including the Chairman. It’s noteworthy that eight of these members are women, who have now secured positions in the Standing Committee as permanent members. The Standing Committee is considered one of the most significant committees in the city, and the inclusion of women corporators in this committee has been a pleasant surprise.

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