Clash in Dhrol as Kshatriyas Protest Poonam Maadam’s Rally: Youth Detained, Tensions Rise

Fierce anger has erupted throughout the Kshatriya community due to the presentation of the best form of men from the Kshatriya society. Despite numerous efforts by BJP leadership, this controversy seems far from being resolved. On the contrary, the dispute is escalating. Particularly in Jamnagar, continuous opposition has been witnessed. Satyagraha in Jam Jodhpur, Kalavad, Navagam Ghed, and recently in Dhoraji at Poonamben’s roadshow and gathering, Kshatriyas expressed their opposition. In Dhoraji, Kshatriya youths stormed the venue and raised slogans of ‘Rupala’ and ‘Poonamben’. Even in Poonamben’s rally, Kshatriya youths clashed and staged protests. Consequently, the police had to detain more than 100 youths. The entire Dhoraji police station was mobilized to control the situation.

Kshatriyas Clash Amidst Tight Police Arrangements

In the Dhoraji taluka of Jamnagar district, BJP’s candidate Poonamben Maadam organized a roadshow and meeting. During this roadshow, Kshatriya people protested against the community. Even the police had to arrange tight security, yet Kshatriya youths managed to infiltrate both the venue and the rally to stage their opposition.

Poonam Maadam’s Statue Garlanded, Then Defaced

The Kshatriya youths resorted to aggressive tactics. Slogans like ‘Bhajpa Hai Hai’, ‘Rupala Hai Hai’, and ‘Poonamben Hai Hai’ echoed. At the same time, during Poonamben Maadam’s rally, Kshatriya youths disrupted the event and defaced statues of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and Thakor Sahib in Dhoraji. This act led to further tension, and subsequently, the statues were bathed in milk by members of the Kshatriya community.

Ministers Attend Meetings Despite Opposition

In Dhoraji, BJP’s public meeting was organized amidst strong opposition, where Kshatriya youths disrupted the meeting venue and demonstrated vehemently. Even ministers and prominent figures from various organizations were present, despite facing resistance from Kshatriya youths. Among them were Cabinet Minister Raghavji Patel, BJP district president Ramesh Mungara, and all dignitaries of the Dhoraji organization.

Widespread Opposition in Kalavad, Navagam Ghed, and Jamjodhpur

Just two days ago, there was fierce opposition in Navagam Ghed and Kalavad during the inauguration of BJP offices. In Navagam Ghed, Kshatriyas became aggressive, turning it into a battlefield. BJP banners were torn down, and chairs were overturned. In Kalavad, during Poonamben Maadam’s roadshow and office inauguration, a large number of Rajput youths resorted to aggressive tactics, raising slogans of ‘Bhajpa Hai Hai’ and ‘Rupala Hai Hai’, advancing towards the venue in protest. However, before they reached the youth assembly, the police intercepted them.

Violent Opposition in Jamjodhpur

In the Jamjodhpur town area of Jamnagar, BJP organized a rally and meeting in the presence of their Jamnagar candidate Poonam Maadam. In this rally, a large number of Rajput youths participated and chanted slogans of ‘Bhajpa Hai Hai‘, displaying aggressive behavior. Consequently, the police had to intervene and detain several youths.

Protests Continue in Rajkot

Anger continues to escalate every day against BJP’s candidate Purushottam Rupala across the state. On Kothariya Road in the city, during the inauguration of BJP’s office, Kshatriya youths chanted slogans of ‘Rupala Hai Hai’. This time, the youths demonstrated against Kshatriya pride movement banners. Though, at this moment, the police, along with the PI of Bhaktinagar, reached the spot and detained around 8 youths. Later, they were released. In Rajkot, in the evening, at Ward Number 16, on Kothariya Road, BJP’s office inauguration took place. At this event, too, a large number of youths from the Kshatriya community gathered, chanting slogans of ‘Rupala Hai Hai’.

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