Maruti’s First Electric Car to Launch via NEXA Channel: SUV eVX Promises 550km Range on Full Charge

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) will launch its first electric car through its premium and luxury outlet ‘Nexa’. The company has provided this information in a statement to the business line.

Maruti’s First Electric SUV eVX to be Launched in 2025

Maruti’s first electric SUV eVX is set to be launched next year, in 2025, which the company had showcased at the Indian Auto Expo – 2023 for the first time. Following this, a ready model of production was revealed at the mobility show held in Japan in October this year.

Designed and Developed by Suzuki Motor Corporation in Japan

This electric car is designed and developed by Suzuki Motor Corporation in Japan. The company plans to produce ‘Made in India’ electric vehicles in Europe and Japan.

Driving Range of up to 550km on Full Charge

For performance, eVX will be equipped with a 60KWh battery pack and an electric motor. The company claims that this car will provide a driving range of up to 550km on a single full charge. Additionally, in this production model, a smaller battery pack variant with a range of approximately 400 km may also be available. However, power figures have not been announced yet.

Based on Toyota’s 40PL Platform

eVX is based on Toyota’s 40PL platform, designed for electric vehicles, which provides space for fitting batteries on the floorboard. With this, the car’s cabin will be very spacious. This EV will be manufactured in Suzuki’s manufacturing plant in Gujarat. After Maruti Suzuki, Toyota will also launch a new electric SUV in the Indian market.

Maruti Suzuki eVX: Exterior Design

It looks like a spotty model, resembling a concept model. Its front part will have a blanked-out grille, L-shaped headlights, and a smooth bumper. The car’s side will feature 17-inch alloy wheels. Connected LED tail lights will be provided on the rear part of the car. Additionally, high-mounted stop lamps, shark fin antenna, and slow landing will be available.

Maruti Suzuki eVX: Interior

Spy images show that the cabin of Maruti Suzuki eVX will be equipped with many features. A connected screen will be available on the car’s dashboard for the instrument cluster and infotainment system. The car will have a two-spoke steering wheel like Tata Nexon.

Nexa is Maruti Suzuki’s Premium Channel

Nexa is Maruti Suzuki’s premium channel, launched in 2015. This channel offers the company’s flexible and premium vehicles. This channel has more than 1 million customers and is present in more than 200 cities in the country. The company has also established a digital network through Nexa, which provides experiences and journeys to its customers.

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