Indian man gets 16-year jail term in UK for ex-girlfriend’s murder after marriage refusal

A 25-year-old resident of Hyderabad, Shriram Ambala, has been sentenced to sixteen years in prison for the murder of his former girlfriend, Sona Bijuni, in Britain. According to media reports, before committing the crime, he had searched on Google to find out how one could easily take a life using a knife.

Assault at Restaurant

Ambala had been demanding marriage with Sona, but she refused. One day, when Ambala reached the restaurant where Sona worked, she refused to marry him, prompting him to threaten her. Although she was not ready for marriage yet.

Attack at the Restaurant

Sona had told Ambala that she couldn’t live according to his dictates. Following this, Ambala attacked her with a knife. Sona was admitted to the hospital in critical condition and succumbed to her injuries after about a month of medical care.

Troubled Relationship Leads to Breakup

According to court documents, Ambala and Sona were in a relationship since 2017 when they met in a college in Hyderabad. During their relationship, Ambala frequently harassed Sona. He often visited her house and blackmailed her for marriage.

Feeling distressed, Sona separated from him in 2019. After three years, both came to London for studies. During this time, Ambala did not give up on following Sona. He occasionally contacted her at the restaurant where she worked. Ambala would order food from there, trying to get Sona to come home with him.

Anger Arises Post Breakup

A few weeks later, Ambala murdered Sona at the restaurant. After the incident, he informed the police that Sona had asked someone at the restaurant to tell him that she wanted to party after breaking up with Ambala. Hearing this made him angry, leading him to kill his former girlfriend.

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