Explosive Incident at India-Pakistan Border in Rajasthan

Last night, a shining object resembling a meteorite with a loud bang created an atmosphere of fear in the border areas of Badmer district. This incident has sparked curiosity among the residents of the district. People from various areas of the district are claiming to have witnessed it. This phenomenon has been observed in Badmer, Dhori, and Balotra. However, the authenticity of this event has not been confirmed yet. Many people are referring to it as a meteorite while others are considering it a common celestial event.

Mysterious Explosions Heard Near India-Pakistan Border

It is reported that last night near the India-Pakistan border in Badmer, explosions resembling thunder were heard. It is being claimed that due to the lightning, a loud explosion was heard in the border areas. However, the police administration has not yet confirmed the occurrence of lightning or explosions.

Sudden Lightning Sightings

Around 9:13 PM last Sunday, lightning was observed in various areas of Badmer district. A shining object was seen in the sky of Dhori Man’s Chauhatan, which quickly descended towards the ground. Shortly after, a loud bang was heard.

Panic among Locals

Residents of a city located about 50 kilometers from the Pakistan border reported feeling as if firecrackers were being burst. Subsequently, the police were informed of a powerful explosion. However, no official has confirmed this incident yet. Similar sightings of lightning have been reported in Jalore, Pali, and Balotra districts of Rajasthan.

Confusion and Search

A citizen residing near the border claimed that a lightning bolt or meteorite was seen moving from east to west. However, no concrete evidence was found.

After obtaining information about the lightning, the police and other agencies conducted searches in many areas of Badmer district but found nothing.

Therefore, it is assumed that it might have fallen in Pakistan as it is 50 kilometers away. It is worth mentioning that such incidents have occurred in Rajasthan before. About three years ago, a similar celestial event occurred in Nagaur district, where lightning struck a field, leading to a comprehensive investigation through CCTV footage.

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