ED Raids Rajasthan Congress President’s Home Amid Dotasra Paper Leak Probe

In Rajasthan, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) team conducted raids at the residence of the Pradesh Congress President, Govind Singh Dotasara, in a paper leak case this morning. According to sources, this raid is related to the paper leak case that had occurred in Rajasthan. The ED is currently questioning Dotasara and his associates about their involvement in this case. The ED team has also reached Dotasara’s personal residence in Sikar, along with conducting operations at government accommodations in Jaipur and Dotasara’s private residence in Sikar. As per sources, ED has initiated investigations at three locations in Jaipur and two in Sikar.

ED Teams Conduct Raids at Dotasara’s and Associates’ Residences

The ED team has also reached the homes of Dotasara and his associates. In the paper leak case, this marks the first time that ED has conducted a raid at Dotasara’s residence. The teams from Delhi and Jaipur, along with officials from the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), are present during the raids. Dotasara is also a Congress candidate in the Laxmangarh Assembly constituency of Sikar.

Govind Singh Dotasara is currently at his Sikar residence, where the ED officials arrived at around 9:30 AM. Initially, they were stationed at the entrance to ask questions, and then they proceeded to set up an office within his residence for further inquiries.

Previous Raids on Locals in Dotasara’s Vicinity in the Paper Leak Case

Before the paper leak case, ED had conducted raids on locals in Dotasara’s vicinity. In August and September, ED had conducted raids in Sikar at locations like Kalam Coaching Center and many others related to the paper leak. At that time, Dotasara had criticized the ED’s actions, which had caused concern among local residents.

ED Raids at Om Prakash Hudla’s Residence

ED has also carried out operations at Om Prakash Hudla’s residence, who is a prominent Congress leader and a candidate for the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) examinations paper leak case. The police had previously arrested some of the accused associated with the paper leak, after which ED took over the case and initiated further investigations.

Kirori Lal Meena and BJP Leaders Allegations

BJP leader Kirori Lal Meena had accused the paper leak case of corruption among ministers and assembly members. The Congress state president, Govind Singh Dotasara, was also targeted by BJP leaders. Dotasara served as the Education Minister until November 2021, which led to opposition parties leveling accusations against him.

Dotasara Asks What ED Will Do in Response to His Queries

Govind Singh Dotasara has been raising concerns about ED and the Income Tax Department’s ongoing investigations since the beginning of the probe. He has been asking when the ED and Income Tax departments will come clean and answer his queries, as he believes that some wrongdoing has occurred, and they are apprehensive about their actions. He has been questioning whether ED will ever come to a resolution regarding these investigations.

ED Raids at a Relative’s House Just 12 Days Ago

In the last two months, ED has been actively investigating the paper leak case in Rajasthan. Just 12 days ago, ED had conducted raids at the residences of Dinesh Khodaniya and Ashok Jain, relatives of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

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