Gujarat High Court Advocate Association Elections on December 15 for Office Bearers and Committee Members

The Gujarat High Court Advocate Association has formally declared the initiation of the electoral process for pivotal leadership roles, including President, Vice President, General Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer, and 15 Managing Committee Members. The timeline for the election process has been meticulously outlined as follows:

  1. Voter List Announcement:
    1. Primary voter list: November 28, 2023.
    2. Final voter list: December 1, 2023.
  2. Submission of Nomination Forms:
    1. Last date for receipt and submission of forms: December 4-5, 2023.
  3. Scrutiny of Nomination Forms:
    1. Scrutiny process: December 6, 2023.

Key Dates and Fee Structure Unveiled for Gujarat High Court Advocate Association Elections

The Gujarat High Court Advocate Association has officially announced the timeline for its upcoming elections, accompanied by a detailed fee structure for candidates seeking to register their candidature. The scrutiny of nomination forms is scheduled to take place on December 6, ensuring a thorough evaluation of submissions. Candidates will have until December 7 to withdraw their forms, with the final list of candidates being compiled on the same day.

Subsequently, the voting process is set to transpire a week later, on December 15, marking a crucial moment for members to exercise their electoral rights. The counting of votes for the election of office bearers is slated for December 15, while the counting for the election of managing committee members will follow on December 16.

To register for candidature, a nominal form fee of 100 rupees is required. Furthermore, specific registration fees have been stipulated for various positions: 10,000 rupees for the President, 7,500 rupees for the Vice President, 5,000 rupees for the General Secretary and Joint Secretary, 3,500 rupees for the Treasurer, and 2,500 rupees for Managing Committee Members. This structured fee system aims to facilitate a fair and transparent electoral process.

Gujarat High Court Advocate Association Gears Up for Elections

As the electoral season approaches, the Gujarat High Court Advocate Association stands as a focal point for the vibrant legal community in the region. With thousands of lawyers affiliated with the association, it serves as a pivotal organization that not only orchestrates diverse programs for its members but also extends a helping hand to natural disaster victims in Gujarat. The association’s commitment to both professional development and social responsibility underscores its integral role in the legal landscape.

Currently, the reins of leadership are in the capable hands of President Prithviraj Singh Jadeja and Secretary Hardik Brahmabhat. Their tenure reflects a period of dedication to the welfare of association members and the broader community. As the election process unfolds, the association anticipates the active participation of its members in selecting the future leaders who will guide the organization’s trajectory. The forthcoming elections not only signify a democratic transition but also present an opportunity for the legal fraternity to shape the course of their professional representation.

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