London Friend’s Account: Tearful Midnight Video Call from Model Tanya, Disconnected Twice!

On Monday morning, February 19, 2024, a father knocks on his daughter’s room door, only to find no response despite repeatedly ringing the bell. Concerned, he seeks help from another family member to open the door, and upon doing so, is met with the sight of his daughter hanging from the ceiling fan. The father, already in a state of shock from a recent heart attack, also bore marks of injuries on his body. He immediately informed the police of the distressing situation and subsequently proceeded to the Civil Hospital for a post-mortem examination. The post-mortem room witnessed his continuous sobbing as he bid farewell to his daughter’s lifeless body.

The daughter who committed suicide was none other than the well-known model, Tanya Singh. The mystery surrounding Tanya Singh’s death continues to baffle many. During police investigation on February 20, photographs with IPL cricketer Abhishek Sharma were found on Tanya Singh’s mobile phone. Not only that, but messages suggesting communication with Abhishek Sharma emerged from the phone, adding a high-profile angle to this suicide case.

Tanyasingh during a photoshoot

Series of Incoming Calls from Unknown Number? Insights from Tanya Singh’s London Friend

Tanya Singh, residing in London, had confided in her best friend without disclosing her name to Divya Bhaskar, that she had received a series of phone calls during the night, starting from midnight to one in the morning. These calls were made via video call, and Tanya had conversed with the caller. Interestingly, these video calls were not only unwelcomed but also persisted despite Tanya’s reluctance to engage. Among these calls, one was from her brother and another from her friend. The friend mentioned that he would call again after speaking with Tanya. Subsequently, he continued to converse with her persistently.

she was telling a friend in a video call that the family was asking for marriage

“I Can’t Bear All This Anymore”: Unveiling Tanya’s Struggles

Tanya expressed, “I can’t bear all this anymore,” revealing that initially, she used to engage in normal conversations with her. She would often inform her family about her plans for marriage. Whenever something seemed amiss, her friend would inquire about it. Then Tanya disclosed that she couldn’t share everything anymore. Subsequently, she began to cry silently. She even admitted that she couldn’t tolerate everything anymore. Consequently, her friend made efforts to comprehend her situation and offer support.

Tanya Singh with cricketer Abhishek Sharma

“No Communication with Abhishek for 6 Months”: Insights into Tanya’s Relationship

Tanya’s best friend discloses that Tanya hadn’t had any communication with IPL cricketer Abhishek Sharma for quite some time. According to her friend, Tanya had moved on from her relationship with Abhishek for a long while. She hadn’t been in touch with Abhishek lately. The last time she informed her friend about her visit to India, she mentioned that she had broken up with Abhishek. 

However, whether she had met him or not during her visit remained unknown. Despite the breakup, Tanya had been leading her life quite well, and she wasn’t the kind of girl to dwell on such matters. It didn’t seem plausible that she would take such a drastic step over common issues. Even in her statement to the police, she hadn’t mentioned any communication with Abhishek for 6 months.

Tanya's family lives in Happy Elegance building in Vesu area

Father Works in Textile Mill, Brother in Canada

Rameshwar Singh, originally from Sikar, Rajasthan, currently resides in Vesu, in a building named Happy Elegance. His family comprises his wife, a son, and a daughter named Tanya. While Rameshwar manages the operations at a textile mill under the Pandesara GIDC, his son studies in Canada.

Earphones were also found on Tanya body

Tragic Incident: Mother’s Demise and the Discovery

Tanya’s mother had traveled to Jaipur due to her paternal grandfather’s illness, leaving Tanya and her father at Happy Elegance. On Sunday night, Tanya returned home alone from her grandfather’s place. The following Monday morning, Bhavanibhai knocked on Tanya’s room door, but receiving no response, he used another key to open the room. To their shock, they found Tanya had committed suicide by tying a scarf with a ceiling fan. They even found earphones near her lifeless body.

Tanyasingh dead body after being strangled

Abhishek Sharma and Tanya’s First Encounter

Abhishek Sharma, the cricketer, and Tanya Singh, a 28-year-old fashion designer and model, had their first encounter during a Ranji Trophy cricket match held at Lalbhai Contractor Stadium. About a year before, Tanya and Abhishek had initiated a romantic relationship. However, they eventually parted ways. During this time, Tanya had been sending text messages to Abhishek for about a year, but he hadn’t responded to any of them.

Starting Her Career in Fashion Designing

Tanya began her career in fashion designing, although she had also dabbled in modeling for a brief period. Currently, she was working as a DJ along with her fashion designing pursuits. She was attending events not only in Surat but also in other states as a DJ. In Surat, her latest event as a DJ took place on December 31st. Since 2015, Tanya had been working as a fashion designer in the textile industry. 

Initially, she started by designing dresses and sarees for the textile industry and then ventured into photo shoots. For four years, she had been working at various locations. During this time, she frequented the gym as well.

police are preparing to call in people in contact with Tanya for questioning

Examination of Tanya’s Mobile Phone

Following the incident, on February 19th, the family accompanied the police convoy to the scene of the event where Tanya’s lifeless body was found. Her body was then taken to Civil Hospital by PMO. During the investigation, an in-depth examination of Tanya’s mobile phone was conducted by the police. This involved scrutinizing the call records and IP addresses, which revealed communication with several individuals, including prominent figures. The police are preparing to summon all these individuals for questioning regarding their association with Tanya.

Contact with IPL Player Abhishek Sharma Discovered in Tanya’s Phone Check

During the investigation of Tanya’s phone, contact has been found with Ranji player and IPL team all-rounder cricketer Abhishek Sharma. The police have revealed that significant communication has been detected with the youth’s mobile phone, prompting them to summon individuals for questioning. 

The young woman’s direct contact with an IPL player is a matter of concern, and interrogation is scheduled after further investigation. Messages exchanged with Abhishek Sharma have been discovered from her phone, leading to the decision to conduct a telephonic inquiry with the IPL player and summon him for interrogation in the coming days after thorough examination.

tanya dead body lying on the bed

Who is Abhishek Sharma?

Abhishek Sharma is an all-rounder who has played 24 first-class matches. In these matches, he has scored a total of 1071 runs with an average of 30.60, including one century and five fifties. In T20 cricket, he has scored 2187 runs with a strike rate of 145, showcasing his explosive batting skills. His career spans over 3 centuries and 13 half-centuries. Abhishek Sharma represents the Sunrisers Hyderabad team in the Indian Premier League (IPL), playing for them since 2019. In first-class cricket, he represents Punjab, whereas recently, he played for Punjab against Tamil Nadu, where he smashed five sixes in just one over.

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