Tanya Bhavani Singh’s Suicide in Vesu, Surat Raises Concerns of Love Affair Mishap

A young woman, working as a model in Surat, met with an accident. The incident occurred at the Vesu’s Happy Elegance Residence in Surat. Tanya Bhavanisingh fell into a gorge and tragically lost her life. Concerns have been raised that the accident might have been deliberate, amidst a love affair. A daughter of a family mourns her loss.

Father Works in Mill

According to available information, 28-year-old Tanya Bhavanisingh resided with her family in the Happy Elegance Residence in Surat’s Vesu area. Tanya’s father works in Mill. Tanya also has a brother.

Police Probe into Case

A 28-year-old woman was found dead in her home, having fallen into a gorge. The deceased woman worked as a model. The reason behind the model’s accident has not yet been determined. However, suspicions linger regarding a love affair. Police have initiated an investigation into the matter.

Family Devastated as Daughter’s Body Hangs in Home

Tanya worked as a model in the field of modeling. She returned home late one night. In the middle of the night, Tanya committed suicide at her home. When the family found their daughter’s body hanging in such a state, they were shocked awake.

Body Retrieved, PM Conducted at Hospital

The family of the deceased daughter was plunged into grief. The reason for her accident has not been determined yet. However, suspicions of her suicide due to a love affair persist. The lifeless body of Tanya was retrieved by the PM team and taken to the Civil Hospital for post-mortem. Further investigation is being conducted by the police regarding this matter.

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