Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan Jailed 3 Years in Toshakhana Case

Former Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has been arrested in toshakhana case. Lahore Police arrested the PTI Chairman from his house in Zaman Park. The trial court of Islamabad has sentenced him to 3 years. Also, they will not be able to contest elections for the next 5 years. The court has also fined Imran one lakh Pakistani rupees.

According to Imran’s party PTI, Khan has been taken to Lahore’s Kot Lakhpat Jail. The court has said that PTI chairman Imran gave wrong information to the Election Commission of Pakistan in the toshakhana case. Along with this he was also involved in corruption. Earlier on Saturday, the judgment was reserved till 12:30 pm after hearing in the court.

Khan can challenge the verdict in the High Court

Even after this, when Imran did not reach the court, Additional District and Sessions Judge Humayun Dilawar pronounced the verdict. Now Imran Khan can challenge the trial court verdict in the high court. Before the verdict, Khan had petitioned the High Court and the Supreme Court for hearing the case. But both the courts said that they would not interfere with the trial court before the hearing was over.

Imran’s wife Bushra also accused

toshakhanana’s case goes two ways. Imran’s hearing is going on in the court in this matter. Apart from this, Imran’s wife Bushra Bibi was called for questioning by the anti-corruption agency. Because it was Bushra who gave the toshakhanana gift of crores of rupees for sale.

Bushra Bibi will also have to appear before the investigating agency. So far, the investigating agency has issued appearance notices to Bushra a total of 13 times, but she has not appeared even once. After this, the investigating agency issued an advertisement in the newspapers and said that if Bushra Bibi did not appear, a non-bailable warrant would be issued against her.

After this, Imran filed a petition in the Lahore High Court. He said- My wife is a housewife and she has nothing to do with politics. Therefore, their inquiries should be relaxed. On the other hand, the same report said that there is very strong evidence against Imran and this is the reason why he wants to avoid trial for a long time under some pretext.

Now let us understand toshakhana’s case in detail

The ruling Pakistan Democratic Movement raised the issue of toshakhana’s gift before the Election Commission. It is said that Imran sold the gifts he received during his tenure. Imran told the Election Commission that he bought all these gifts from toshakhanana for Rs 2.15 crore and sold them for Rs 5.8 crore. Later this amount was revealed to be more than 20 crores.

About two years ago, a Pakistani man named Abrar Khalid filed an application with the Information Commission. Said- Imran should be informed about gifts received from other countries. Answer received – Unable to provide gift details. Khalid also became stubborn. He filed a petition in the Islamabad High Court.

Islamabad High Court asked Imran why you are not giving the information about the gift? To that Khan’s lawyer replied – this is a threat to the security of the country. Relations with other countries may deteriorate. That is why we cannot inform people about gifts received from other countries.

This is how Imran’s theft was caught in the case of toshakhana

According to Pakistani journalists Ari Ajakia and Imdad Ali Shumro – Imran was gifted a precious wrist watch made of gold and studded with diamonds by Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman. He made two limited edition watches. He kept one to himself. Another was gifted to Imran. The cost of which was around 16 crore rupees.

Imran came home and gave this wrist watch to Pinky Peer (third wife Bushra Bibi) to keep. Bushra gave this watch to one of the ministers of that time, Zulfi Bukhari, and asked him to investigate the price. The minister said that it is very expensive.

Bushra asked him to sell it. Seeing the branded watch, the owner of the showroom called his manufacturing company and this is where Imran’s name came out. The makers directly contacted MBS’s office and said that one of the two watches you had made has come up for sale. Did you send it or was it stolen?

A few months ago, the audio of Imran’s wife Bushra and friend Zulfi Bukhari was leaked. It was revealed that Bushra had approached Zulfi Bukhari at the behest of Imran and asked him to sell the watch. Zulfi was a minister in Imran’s government and is considered very close to Imran.

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