PM Modi: ED Confiscated 3,000 Crore Rupees to Be Returned to Poor

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday (March 27) had a phone conversation with BJP candidate Rajmata Amrita Roy from Krishnanagar Lok Sabha constituency, West Bengal, following the Lok Sabha meeting. In the conversation, PM Modi learned about her preparations for election campaigning.

PM told her that they are working on such legal options that can ensure the return of the looted property worth Rs 3,000 crores from the poor of Bengal, confiscated by corrupt officials through the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

PM Modi instructed Amrita Roy to inform all about this matter. Amrita Roy belongs to a former royal family. She is in the field against TMC candidate Mahua Moitra. A day earlier, Modi had a conversation with Rekha Patra, a harassed BJP candidate.

Title: Discussion with PM Modi: The Conversation with Amrita Roy

PM Modi had an 8.36-minute discussion with Amrita Roy. Read the complete conversation.

Modi: Hello, Amrita…

Amrita: Namaste Modi Ji, I am grateful to you for giving me the opportunity to serve the people. We will try our best.

Modi: How is your election campaign going?

Amrita: We are doing well. Since the demise of the BJP worker’s father, we are active here. After this, we will resume campaigning.

Modi: You are carrying forward Maharaja Krishnachandra Roy’s legacy.

Amrita: It’s a delicate matter; what can we say?

Modi: Yes, indeed, I’ll be glad.

Amrita: We are from Maharaja Krishnachandra Roy’s family. People are opposing this. They say he was with the British. They’re branding us as traitors. We didn’t do anything wrong for the people.

Amrita explains how they’ve donated land, helped people, done welfare work, but they aren’t appreciated for it. She adds that had the Maharaja not done this, Hinduism would have ended. She explains the corruption during Sirajuddaula’s time, how many kings donated together, and the success of their work. She concludes that their efforts have helped preserve Hinduism and their identity.

Modi: When we were learning in childhood, we used to hear about Maharaja Krishnachandra Roy’s developmental work, social reforms, and Bengal’s model of development. These people run vote banks. They will criticize.

They will bring up incidents from 300 years ago, attempt to defame, and search for objects to hide their current sins, but when it comes to Lord Ram’s story, they will say where is the evidence. You should raise such an old issue, but when it comes to Krishnachandra Roy’s story, you immediately pick it up. This is their deceit. You shouldn’t suppress your feelings. Your life is also for the people.

Modi: Saving Bengal’s heritage is in front of you. How do you see it?

Amrita: Our fight is for serving the people, eradicating corruption, and helping the deprived.

Modi: I’m advising legally; ED has seized almost 3 thousand crores in Bengal. This money belongs to the poor. Some paid money to become teachers, some to become officers, but they didn’t get what they paid for. I want to say that when a new government is formed, it should make rules. ED will take some action for this.

Modi: The whole of Bengal is coming towards BJP in large numbers. What are people saying?

Amrita: People trust our work. They say, when Mahua Moitra goes to jail.

Modi: How do you see Modi’s guarantee being implemented in your Lok Sabha constituency?

Amrita: People say that we have confidence that we will serve the people to the fullest.

Modi: After winning, you should make sure what to do in the first 100 days in Krishnanagar. I will be with you in every aspect. Whatever work is to be done for the Indian government, it will be done.

Amrita Roy Comes from the Royal Family

Amrita Roy (62) is associated with the Royal family of Krishna Nagar. She is the wife of Soumish Chandra Roy. Soumish Chandra is the 39th descendant of the Rajbadi of Krishna Nagar. This family is still highly respected in the expansion of Krishna Nagar today. This could benefit the BJP in the elections.

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