Indian Woman Murdered in Australia Under Mysterious Circumstances: Police Suspect Familiarity with Killer

In Australia, a woman of Indian origin has been found murdered. The body of Chaitanya Sweta Madhagani was discovered in the Bacchus Marsh area of Victoria state on Friday. Police were informed about the incident on Saturday.

According to reports from “Australia Today,” police sources suggest they suspect Sweta knew her killer. Her husband’s name is Ashok Raj Varikupala. He had left for Hyderabad, India, with their five-year-old son a few hours before.

The report does not mention anyone by name, but police sources have indicated that the perpetrator(s) may have fled Australia.

According to reports, there are suspicions that Sweta was murdered between March 5th and 7th. During this time, her husband had traveled to India. Close relatives have also confirmed this information, stating that Sweta went missing around the same time Ashok left for India.

In a report by Sky News, it is mentioned that Ashok contacted Sweta’s neighbors and some acquaintances in Australia over the phone to gather information about her. Ashok has also been in touch with the police over the phone and has assured cooperation with the investigation.

Speaking to ‘The Age’ newspaper, a police spokesperson stated, “We suspect that Sweta knew her killer. While investigations are ongoing, any speculation will only fuel unnecessary speculation. At the moment, it is unclear how this will unfold. We are cautiously acknowledging that the perpetrators may have fled Australia.”

There is not one but two crime scenes.

When the police found Sweta’s body, they sealed off this jungle area. However, several clues were found, and the investigation extended from Sweta’s house to where her body was discovered, spanning approximately 82 kilometers.

According to police reports, many pieces of evidence have been found, but it is essential to cross-check them. Each angle needs to be thoroughly investigated.

Sweta was very intelligent.

Talking to ‘Australian Today,’ a neighbor said, “This is a very shocking incident. She was a very intelligent woman. Whenever we met her, she was always very happy.”

Another neighbor mentioned, “In my entire life, I have met many women, but I have never seen anyone as cheerful as Sweta. It’s hard to believe she is not among us today. I have never seen her talking to anyone in the neighborhood.”

Another neighbor expressed confusion, saying, “I don’t understand what is happening in this area. People keep coming and going to the place where Sweta’s body was found. Now we need to see what comes out of the investigation.”

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