St. 10th Paper 1 Begins: Tight Security by Police at Exam Centers, Inspection Teams Re-checking Classrooms

The examinations conducted by the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board commenced today, following extensive preparations by the board. The first language papers for Gujarati, English, Urdu, and Hindi mediums for Class 10 are scheduled from 10:00 AM to 1:15 PM. Consequently, students had arrived at their examination centers early in the morning. 

There was a notable sense of enthusiasm among the students as they prepared to take their first paper. Upon entering the examination centers, students were welcomed with vermilion marks on their foreheads. Currently, students are settled in their classrooms and are taking their initial exams. The classrooms are equipped with CCTV surveillance, and tight security arrangements have been made with police presence at the examination centers. Inspection teams are conducting thorough checks within the classrooms.

Implementation of Regret Petition Box in Surat

Special arrangements have been made at the examination centers in Surat, Gujarat, regarding the board examinations. Regret petition boxes have been placed by the schools. These boxes are provided for students who may have inadvertently brought unauthorized materials with them. They can deposit such materials in the regret petition box to rectify their mistake.

Rishikumar was welcomed with coriander and kumkum tilak

Rishikumar in Traditional Attire Arrive for Examinations

In Surat, the atmosphere surrounding the board examinations is charged with enthusiasm as students arrive in traditional attire to take their exams. Heading towards the examination center to take the Class 10 exam at Shri Sandilya Rishived Sanskrit Pathshala, RishiKumar received blessings in accordance with Vedic tradition. 

Adorned with tilak and having performed worship to Saraswati Mata, Rishis Kumar was escorted to the examination center after being attired in traditional Brahmin attire, adhering to the customary rituals before taking the exam.

Warm Welcome with Roses and Good Wishes at Examination Center

Warm Welcome with Roses and Good Wishes at Examination Center

Subhangini, the principal of Urmi School in Vadodara, expressed that here is the examination center for Class 10. Welcoming the students with roses and distributing sweets to extend greetings, she assured them that they need not feel pressured and that a peaceful environment is ensured for their examinations. 

Understanding the needs of any handicapped students, wheelchair arrangements have been made, and there is full police security along with support from teachers.

Warm Welcome and Support Provided to Students with Refreshments

District Education Officer Nilesh Ranipa and Collector Prabhav Joshi were present at New Era School in Rajkot, while in Ahmedabad, they attended the Jodhpur Shraddha Vidya Mandir School. They extended warm greetings to the students and offered them refreshments. 

At Urmi School in Vadodara, students were welcomed with flowers and served sweets. Similarly, at the National School, students were greeted by the DEO and presented with transparent folders, pouches, and water bottles for their convenience.

Pre-Board Examinations Organized to Alleviate Fear Before Main Exams

Pre-Board Examinations Organized to Alleviate Fear Before Main Exams

DEO Kripaben Jha of Ahmedabad Rural revealed that there are a total of 261 centers for our HSC and SSC exams, where 77,830 students will appear for their papers. All centers have been equipped with CCTV, water facilities, and ventilation systems as per the guidelines of the Gujarat Secondary Education Board. 

With Class 10 students gearing up for their first board exams, pre-board examinations were organized beforehand to dispel any fears. Today, they are experiencing no particular anxieties and are facing the regular exams just like any other day. They have been welcomed today with sweets to ease their entry into the examination hall.

Students entered the classroom

No Stress on the Mind

Sureshbhai, the father of a student, mentioned that students are calmly preparing for their exams without any stress. He emphasized that after entering the examination hall, the students remain peaceful without harboring any fears, ready to view and write the paper. 

There is no tension on their minds. He also expressed his contentment with his daughter’s exam preparation, as she too is gearing up for her exams.

Diligent Preparation Despite Fear

A student from class 10 shared that today’s exam is for Gujarati, and she feels fully prepared. Despite feeling a bit nervous, she has diligently worked for 6-7 hours every day. Although there is a sense of fear, she is well-prepared, which is why she is eager to take the exam early.

Facing the Exam with Great Enthusiasm

Vedanshi, a student of class 10, expressed that today’s exam is for Gujarati, and she feels absolutely confident in her preparation. Having prepared rigorously, aiming for an 80-plus score, she is brimming with enthusiasm despite it being her first board exam. While she expects the paper to be challenging, she also acknowledges a hint of nervousness, typical of any examination.

Instilling Confidence Amidst Nervousness

Aartiben, the mother of a student, expressed that the boys have matured significantly, transitioning into seniors with a profound dedication to their studies. Their hard work is evident, and their confidence is soaring. She mentioned that while they might feel a bit nervous at times, they always reassure the boys, boosting their morale and instilling courage in them. 

The boys are thoroughly prepared, aiming to clear their 10th-grade exams and move forward with confidence. Despite feeling slightly nervous themselves, they ensure that the boys remain motivated and focused on their goals, contemplating their next steps after clearing this milestone.

Special Focus on Gujarati Paper for Class 10 Exams

Sneha, a student of class 10, emphasized the importance of today’s Gujarati paper and acknowledged the immense effort they have put in to reach this stage. Throughout the year, they have worked diligently to achieve this milestone. With confidence, they aim to achieve a high percentile. 

Recognizing the significance of the Gujarati paper, they are particularly attentive to its preparation. Kinjal Solanki, another class 10 student, affirmed her dedication to hard work, even attending tuitions to excel. She stressed the importance of focusing specifically on the Gujarati paper. Daksha, a diligent class 10 student, expressed confidence in their efforts, aiming for a comfortable pass and targeting a 60% score.

The students were happy about the exam

High Excitement Among Students for Board Exams in Surat

Students gathered with their guardians at the examination centers. In Surat, a whopping 1.91 lakh students from grades 10 and 12 appeared for their board exams. Special preparations were made even at the examination centers for the first paper of class 10 exams. Schools had made elaborate arrangements to welcome special students at the board centers. 

The welcome included traditional Gujarati rituals like offering kanku (vermilion) and chokha (rice mixed with turmeric) to boost the morale of the students about the exams. Additionally, the centers also provided cold drinks for the students, ensuring they were comfortable during the examination process.

Welcomed with coriander and rose flower

Seek Assistance from the Helpline Wherever You Are

If students encounter any issues while heading to their examination centers, the police will be available to assist them promptly. Police stands will be set up to aid board students. Whether it’s getting stuck in traffic, facing unforeseen circumstances, or feeling unwell, students can request assistance from the police. They can dial the helpline number 100 for immediate help.

Classrooms equipped with CCTV

Helpline Numbers for Students

  • Board Helpline: 1800-233-5500
  • Life Support Helpline: 1800-233-3330
  • State Control Number: 9909036768
  • DEO Ahmedabad: 9909922648
  • DEO Ahmedabad (Rural): 9909970202

These helpline numbers are available for students to seek assistance and support as needed.

Board Examinations Statistics

In the state, more than 15 million students from grades 10 and 12 will appear for the board examinations across 1634 centers. Last year, approximately 16.49 million students from grades 10 and 12 participated in the examinations. This year, there are 9,17,687 students registered for grade 10, including 1,65,846 repeater students. 

For grade 12 Science stream, there are 1,11,549 students registered, including 20,438 repeater students. Additionally, there are 4,89,279 students registered for grade 12 General stream, including 74,547 repeater students.

Grade 10 and Grade 12 Board Examination Schedule

The Grade 10 board examinations will commence from today, March 21st. The examination timings are from 10:00 AM to 1:15 PM. On the other hand, the Grade 12 board examinations will start from March 26th, with timings scheduled from 3:00 PM to 6:15 PM. 

Grade 10 examinations will be conducted across 981 centers in 84 zones, while Grade 12 General stream examinations will take place across 506 centers and Grade 12 Science stream examinations will be held at 147 centers.

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