Google’s Overuse Leads to Youth’s Accident: Constant Google Voice Resonating in Ears Causes Home Mishap in Surat

A cautionary tale has emerged in Surat, resonating with people who constantly spend their time on social media through their mobile phones. A 20-year-old woman has fallen victim to a tragic accident after being engrossed in her mobile phone. It has been discovered that her continuous engagement with social media led to depression, exacerbating her mental health condition. Although she had been taking medication for her mental illness for two months, the addiction to her phone became so severe that it overshadowed her life. Currently, the police are investigating the incident of accidental death more thoroughly, noting the increased scrutiny surrounding the accident.

In a tragic incident in a large colony in Gopipura, Surat, 20-year-old Vishakha Rana, who lived with her family, has reportedly consumed poison at home, creating an atmosphere of mourning among her family members. Vishakha, who was studying in the 10th grade, used to work in a bobby pin factory with her mother during the day. After returning home from the factory with her mother, Vishakha went to her room and consumed poison. Upon learning of the incident, family members rushed her to the hospital for immediate medical attention. However, the attending doctors declared her dead upon arrival.

Vasu Rana, the brother of the deceased young woman, Vishakha Rana, has provided clarity on the cause of the accident, stating that his sister used to constantly engage with social media platforms, particularly Google, which led to her mind being occupied by the voice of Google, continuously repeating phrases like “Google says you should die” or “Google says don’t eat.” She would constantly hear such voices due to her extensive use of social media. This exposure to constant messages led to a significant change in her behavior, prompting her family members to immediately take her to the doctor. She underwent treatment for 15-20 days, including psychiatric medication. However, after consultation, the doctor advised her family members to take her to a mental health specialist. She continued her treatment under a psychiatrist for more than two months. The doctor emphasized that while using mobile phones excessively may have an impact, maintaining the medication regimen would help in the long run. After this advice, her family decided to restrict her mobile phone usage as well.

It was found that Vishakha Rana used her mobile phone even during her daily routine activities before going to the temple. Her excessive use of mobile phones and social media significantly affected her mental state. During her visits to the psychiatrist, Vishakha would often mention hearing voices like “Google says you should die” or “Google says don’t eat.” She would convey this to her family members. Even while going to the temple for prayers, she would insist on taking her mobile phone along and would be preoccupied with it there as well.

Upon being informed by the family about the accident involving the young woman, the police began an investigation. Following the establishment of the case, the police swiftly transferred the deceased to the Civil Hospital for post-mortem examination. Currently, the police are intensifying their inquiry into the accidental death.

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