Controversial Hindu Remark Sparks Outrage: Bajrang Dal-VHP Storm Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan in Ahmedabad

Rahul Gandhi’s Remarks Spark Outrage Among Hindus

In his recent address in the Lok Sabha, opposition leader Rahul Gandhi touched on several topics that have caused widespread offense to Hindus. Late last night, Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad activists gathered at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan in Ahmedabad, creating a commotion. They sprayed black paint on Rahul Gandhi’s photos and tore down banners.

Protests at GPCC Office

Protesters from Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bajrang Dal also demonstrated at the Congress office, Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, late into the night. The office was locked up by the protesters. Early in the morning, people arrived with spray paint and posters to protest at the GPCC office near V.S. Hospital.

Anger Among Hindus Over Rahul Gandhi’s Statement

Rahul Gandhi, in his speech, made several comments about the Hindu religion and also addressed issues concerning minorities, advocating against fear and intimidation. These statements have incited anger among Hindus.

Cowardly Attacks in the Dark of Night

Regarding this incident, Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee spokesperson Hemang Rawal stated, “I had just finished the aarti and puja at Ambaji Mataji Temple, and upon exiting, I learned through the media about the cowardly attack by Bajrang Dal goons. I reached the Congress office at exactly nine o’clock and challenged these so-called fake Hindus. You attack cowardly in the dark of night. Come, I am available at the Congress office. We also have weapons—truth and non-violence.”

Background of the Incident

On Monday, July 1st, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi delivered his first speech as the leader of the opposition in the Lok Sabha. He began his speech by showing a photo of Lord Shiva. In his 90-minute address, Rahul Gandhi touched on topics such as Hindutva, Agnipath scheme, farmers, Manipur, NEET, Ayodhya, and the fear of Modi.

Rahul Gandhi Showed a Picture of Lord Shiva

Before starting his speech, Rahul Gandhi was interrupted by Speaker Om Birla. Birla mentioned that Gandhi’s members had pointed out Rule 353, and stressed that rules and procedures of the House should be followed, including not displaying signs or placards. To this, Rahul responded, “Is it forbidden to show a picture of Lord Shiva in the House? Other pictures can be shown here, but not a picture of Lord Shiva? If I say that we are protected by Him, if I try to explain how we received protection, am I not allowed to show the picture? I have more pictures. I wanted to show everything. Speaker Sir, these pictures are in the hearts of all Indians. The whole of India knows and understands this.”

Those Who Consider Themselves Hindus Commit Violence 24/7

Amidst the uproar, Rahul Gandhi loudly stated, “Narendra Modiji is not the entire Hindu society. BJP is not the entire Hindu society. RSS is not the entire Hindu society. This is not the BJP’s agreement. Those who call themselves Hindus commit violence 24/7.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi stood up in opposition, and Amit Shah demanded an apology.

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