Rahul Gandhi’s Flying Kiss Controversy: BJP MPs Complain

Smriti Irani accused Rahul Gandhi of being aggressive during the debate on the no-confidence motion. A ruckus has started over the things that have been said about the flying kiss.

There has been an uproar in the Lok Sabha over Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s flying kiss. During the debate on the no-confidence motion on Wednesday, Union Minister Smriti Irani alleged that Rahul Gandhi gestured for a flying kiss while leaving the House, where women MPs were sitting at the time. Rahul Gandhi has been attacked by the BJP after the Smriti allegation and now an official complaint has been lodged against him.

Women MPs Complained

As many as 22 women MPs have written to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, demanding action on Rahul Gandhi’s flying kiss gesture. Many MPs have signed it.

Apart from this, women MPs have besieged Congress MPs through statements. BJP MP Poonam Mahajan said that Rahul Gandhi should be expelled from the House immediately, while Sunita Duggal said that any result today is because of Rahul’s upbringing in the western style.

Former Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also attacked Rahul Gandhi. He said that the behavior shown by Rahul Gandhi in Parliament was against etiquette and amounted to shamelessness. Does anyone give flying kisses in Parliament, Rahul Gandhi should not talk about the killing of Mother India because she is Ajay and Amar.

After walking out of the House, Union Minister Smriti Irani said that what Rahul Gandhi did in Parliament today has never happened in history. We heard that this happens on the road, but now the same is happening inside Parliament.

What Happened So Far in the Flying Kiss Controversy?

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi made a speech during the no-confidence motion in the House. After about 15 minutes of speech, Rahul Gandhi left the House.

Smriti Irani gave a speech after Rahul Gandhi. He alleged that Rahul made a flying kiss gesture while exiting the House, during which women MPs were present.

22 women MPs have complained against Rahul Gandhi, CCTV footage has been released and action has been demanded against them.

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