At 11, Vadodara’s Atyukt Behur Wins 25 Lakhs on KBC, Shares Health Struggles with Big B on Hot Seat

In the expansive realm of Nizampura, a student from New Era Senior Secondary School has clinched the hot seat facing Amitabh Bachchan, winning ₹25 lakhs. The family and school are filled with pride for this achievement. During the episode, the student shared insights about the disease PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPIC-SILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS.

Learning Korean from Mr. Bachchan

The fifth-grade topper at New Era School, prior to becoming a millionaire, had a strong foundation in general knowledge. Participating in KBC was an experience beyond words. Not only did I learn Korean from Mr. Bachchan, but he also got to know my likes and dislikes.

A Spelling Test with Mr. Bachchan

Being at the international level, Mr. Bachchan also gave me a spelling test. He asked me to spell several words, teaching me that one doesn’t need to be highly educated to have meaningful conversations. Engaging with people at their level is key.

Unfazed Confidence

Amitabh Bachchan created a friendly atmosphere during the show, and I remained confidently unfazed. I correctly answered 8 out of the first 10 questions. I believe God has brought me this far, and I seek His blessings to excel in my higher studies. My aspiration is to become a civil servant in the future.

School Support and Beyond

Amitabh’s mother, Deepika Behura, revealed that they prepared at home as well, and the school provided significant assistance. The winning of ₹25 lakhs by my son fills me with immense pride. Dr. Gita Madan Patel, the managing trustee of New Era School, expresses enthusiasm, stating that Atyukta’s achievement is a matter of great honor for the school.

We Nurture Children for Success

The principal of New Era School, Leena Nayyar, proudly mentions that Atyukta’s ₹25 crore win in “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” is a moment of great pride for the school. We strive to nurture children for success, evident in Atyukta’s tremendous potential, making him victorious in such a significant event.

Atyukta Shines in Inter-School Competitions Too

Atyukta’s parents, while congratulating him, express that New Era School continues to progress in the educational sector. Atyukta has excelled in numerous inter-school competitions, bringing both him and the school continual glory.

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