Close Call: Plane Reaches 14,500 Feet with 2 Missing Windows in Britain

A major aircraft incident occurred in the UK where a luxury travel business aircraft took off and, after reaching an altitude of 14,500 feet, a crew member received news that the aircraft’s two doors were not properly secured. Besides this, more than two windows were also not functioning correctly.

This incident occurred on October 4th, but the information about it is now available. The aircraft had a total of 20 people on board, including 11 crew members and 9 passengers. The aircraft took off from London’s Stansted Airport and was destined for Florida.

This incident is potentially very dangerous, as an investigation has revealed that the aircraft’s cabin had not just two doors but also several non-functioning windows. Instead of the usual windows, they had plastic covers placed over them, which meant that passengers were unable to access the windows for emergency exit.

This kind of situation can occur when an event necessitates shooting from inside the aircraft, requiring more powerful lighting. In the midst of the shoot, when they were capturing a sunrise view, very bright lighting was used. This aircraft’s proximity to the fixed lenses and its operation for nearly five hours kept the sensitive windows a mere 10 meters away from the barrie, causing them to become damaged.

Subsequently, the aircraft was repositioned on the right side, establishing an interval of 6 to 9 meters between the damaged windows.

Niyati Rao

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