Exploring Music Tourism: The Emerging Global Trend in Travel

Global music tourism is projected to reach up to 1.16 trillion rupees by 2033. From Drake to Olivia Rodrigo and Nicki Minaj, many international music artists have live shows booked worldwide in 2024. Fans of these artists can participate in their concerts, which may involve traveling thousands of kilometers. This is because the demand for the artist’s live shows contributes significantly to the economic well-being of many people worldwide. In the coming months, Romania and Greece, among other countries, will be particularly attractive to music lovers.

This is because these countries are part of Coldplay’s “Music of the Spheres” world tour. Music concerts will be organized in several cities across many countries. Additionally, throughout the year, more than a dozen shows are booked in cities across Hungary, Romania, France, Italy, Germany, Finland, Austria, Ireland, New Zealand, and several other countries.

As for Taylor Swift, she will be touring extensively for her “Fearless Tour” this year, performing live in many countries. The world tour began on March 17, 2023, in Arizona, US, and is scheduled for 151 days. Hence, American superstar fans, recognized by Swifties, will travel thousands of kilometers to attend her shows.

This new trend is recognized as music tourism. Spanish air travel booking company Amadesa claims that music tourism is one of the major tourism trends of 2024. Following the announcement of two shows in the Greek capital, Athens, flight searches for Athens have increased by 62% within a week. The company reports a 91% increase in flight searches for Romania. This indicates the rising popularity of music tourism worldwide. Music tours featuring several high-profile artists contribute to various economic benefits. For example, Beyoncé’s concert in Stockholm, Sweden, attracted approximately 90,000 people, leading to a 0.2% to 0.3% increase in hotel, restaurant, and other venue prices, according to Michael Graham, the chief economist at Danske Bank in Sweden.

By 2033, the music tourism market is expected to reach $14 trillion (approximately 1.16 lakh crore rupees), up from $6 trillion (approximately 50,000 crore rupees) in 2023, according to data analytics firm Future Market Insights. An annual growth rate of 9% is anticipated for the foreseeable future. Music and tourism industry professionals are well aware of the potential of music tourism and are now offering special packages that combine music experiences with tourism.

Rahul Sharma

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