Gujarat’s First Woman Skydiver: Soaring High, Unveiling Ram’s Banner in Thailand, 297 Sky Jumps Achieved

In light of the imminent euthanasia of Ramlalla in Ayodhya on January 22, individuals across the nation are organizing diverse events to express their sentiments. Amidst these developments, Shweta Parmar, Gujarat’s first civilian woman skydiver, undertook a remarkable endeavor by leaping from an aircraft at an altitude of 13,000 feet in Thailand. Her feat involved hoisting a Jai Shriram banner, an endeavor meticulously planned since Diwali, with a month-long training regimen dedicated to unfurling the Ram-themed flag in the sky. It is noteworthy that Shweta Parmar has an extensive record of 297 sky jumps to her credit.

13,000 feet high Ramdhwaj

A Skydiver’s Spiritual Soar: Hoisting Jai Shriram at 13,000 Feet

In a remarkable feat of courage and devotion, Shweta Parmar, a skilled skydiver based in Vadodara, recently embarked on a daring journey by jumping from a plane. The inspiration for this extraordinary venture sprouted during Diwali when Shweta, in conversation with her mother about welcoming Lord Shriram, received a unique idea. Undeterred by the geographical distance, she took her determination to new heights, literally, by choosing Thailand as the stage for her aerial tribute. Having arrived in Thailand in December, Shweta meticulously planned and prepared for a month to hoist the Jai Shriram banner in the sky. 

The profound spiritual significance of this endeavor was underlined by the fact that Shweta engaged in additional training to ensure a flawless execution. The culmination of her efforts unfolded in a breathtaking moment as she fearlessly jumped from a plane, waving a banner proudly bearing the sacred words ‘Jai Shriram,’ all transpiring at an awe-inspiring height of 13,000 feet. 

Jumped from a moving plane

A Divine Leap: Overcoming Challenges with Sriram’s Grace

Shweta Parmar, the intrepid Vadodara-based skydiver, attributed the success of her daring jump to the grace of Lord Shriram. Recounting the pivotal moment, she revealed that on the scheduled day of her jump, an unexpected technical fault grounded the plane. Undeterred and with unwavering faith, Shweta expressed gratitude for the divine intervention that allowed her to overcome this obstacle and execute the jump successfully. 

In extending her appreciation, she thanked all those who played a role in facilitating this extraordinary feat. Brimming with pride, Shweta highlighted the significance of her skydiving endeavor, emphasizing how it provided her with a platform to showcase the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of her country. 

Took one month of training

Soaring Heights: Shweta Parmar’s Skydiving Odyssey

In an impressive display of aerial prowess, Shweta Parmar, a resident of the Makarpura area in Vadodara, has accomplished an extraordinary 297 skydives from various aircraft. Beyond her individual achievements, Shweta has taken the initiative to foster a passion for skydiving among others through her campaign, “Sky Dive India.” This campaign not only seeks to generate interest in the exhilarating sport but has also successfully inspired 21 individuals to partake in the thrilling adventure of skydiving. 

Shweta’s dedication to expanding the community of skydiving enthusiasts highlights her commitment to sharing the joy and excitement of this daring activity.

Gujarat's First First Civilian Shweta Parmar

From Finance to the Sky: Shweta Parmar’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Shweta Parmar, currently serving as a manager in a finance company, shared insights into her diverse professional trajectory. Armed with a commerce degree from MS University, Vadodara, and subsequent qualifications in BBA and MBA, Shweta embarked on her career by assuming the role of a manager in a finance company based in Surat.

However, driven by a spirit of entrepreneurship, Shweta decided to forge her own path. Partnering with her younger brother Krishna, she ventured into the realm of digital marketing, establishing a business that would soon achieve significant success within just six months. This newfound financial stability provided Shweta with the means to realize a long-cherished dream – taking a leap into the skies.

The year 2016 marked the commencement of Shweta Parmar’s skydiving adventure. Her journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurial success and, subsequently, the daring domain of skydiving, serves as a testament to her resilience, vision, and the pursuit of personal dreams.

Had a dream of jumping from the sky

Triumph Against Adversity: Shweta Parmar’s Inspirational Journey

Shweta Parmar, the accomplished skydiver, reflects on her journey with a poignant tale of overcoming adversity. At the tender age of 18, Shweta faced a significant loss – her father Thakorbhai’s umbrella. This marked a turning point in her life, and she found herself navigating numerous challenges to reach the stage of success she stands on today.

In the face of this adversity, Shweta’s elder sisters, Priyanka and Sandhya, stepped forward, putting their own educational pursuits on hold to shoulder the responsibilities of the household. Determined to honor her father’s memory and the sacrifices made by her sisters, Shweta made a promise to brighten her father’s name.

Despite the struggles, Shweta persevered, and with the support of her sisters, particularly Priyanka and Sandhya, she pursued higher education, keeping her commitment intact. Shweta acknowledges her father’s role in her journey and proudly declares that she has fulfilled the promise she made to him. Alongside her sisters, Shweta expresses deep gratitude to her mother, Dharmishtha ben, whose unwavering support has played a pivotal role in her remarkable progress.

Shweta thanked fellow friends

Soaring to New Heights: Shweta Parmar’s Skydiving Odyssey

Shweta Parmar’s journey into the exhilarating world of skydiving began with a significant leap from a height of 10,000 feet in the year 2016. Motivated by an advertisement on Facebook promoting a skydiving camp in Mehsana, Shweta seized the opportunity to make her inaugural jump for Rs 35,000. This experience ignited a passion within her, prompting Shweta to make a resolute decision to progress further in the field.

Undeterred by the challenges, Shweta embarked on a comprehensive exploration of safe and reputable skydiving training programs worldwide. Her quest led her to Spain in December 2018, drawn by the positive reviews surrounding the safety and quality of training offered there. In pursuit of her newfound passion, Shweta underwent intricate aerial and jump training in Spain, a journey not without its share of challenges, including injuries to her hands and feet during the initial jump.

Persisting through adversity, Shweta continued to soar through the skies, accumulating valuable experience. Her determination and commitment bore fruit as she achieved the remarkable milestone of obtaining her skydiver’s license after completing 29 jumps. Notably, Shweta Parmar stands as Gujarat’s first civilian woman skydiver, and her accomplishments extend beyond regional boundaries, making her the fourth woman in India to receive the coveted Lion recognition.

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