Delhi Finalizes Traffic Curbs as G20 Summit Approaches: Preparations Underway for Arrival of World Leaders

India is on the cusp of hosting the highly anticipated G20 Summit in its national capital, marking a significant milestone in the country’s diplomatic calendar. Months of meticulous preparation, heightened anticipation, and rigorous security arrangements are converging as the world’s leaders begin to arrive for this momentous event.

Here are the key points from the developing story

  1. Traffic Restrictions Imminent: The Delhi Police is preparing for a busy four days as traffic restrictions are set to commence within the next 12 hours. Residents and workers in New Delhi District are anticipating an extended weekend due to the forthcoming limitations.
  2. Vehicle Restrictions: From 9 pm today until midnight on Sunday, heavy, medium, and light goods vehicles will be prohibited from entering Delhi. Taxis and auto-rickshaws will face similar restrictions starting from 5 am on Saturday.
  3. Controlled Zone Designation: A gazette notification issued by the Delhi government has designated the entire New Delhi District as a “Controlled Zone” from tomorrow morning until Sunday. Access will be granted solely to bona fide residents, authorized vehicles, and vehicles engaged in essential services, such as housekeeping, catering, and waste management for critical establishments within the district.
  4. Commercial Shutdown: Commercial establishments, cloud kitchens, markets, and food delivery services will remain closed from tomorrow to Sunday. Deliveries from platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, Amazon, and Flipkart will be restricted in the controlled zone, except for medicines and essential items.
  5. Arrival of World Leaders: The arrival of world leaders commenced on Tuesday with the Nigerian delegation. The Mexican and European Union delegations are expected to arrive today, while a significant portion of arrivals is scheduled for tomorrow, including US President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
  6. Security Measures: Security for the G20 summit is extensive, involving thousands of personnel, including snipers. The Indian Air Force will maintain fighter planes on standby, and airspace over the national capital will be closely monitored for any suspicious activity, including drones and unmanned aerial vehicles.
  7. Unconventional Security: Unconventional security measures include the deployment of langur cutouts to deter monkey-related incidents in certain areas of the city. Trained individuals who can mimic langur sounds will also be utilized. Additionally, teams equipped with insecticide sprayers are addressing potential mosquito-breeding sites across the G20 venue.
  8. Aesthetic Enhancements: Authorities have planted nearly 7 lakh flowering and foliage plants throughout various parts of Delhi. Over 15,000 metric tonnes of solid waste have been cleared, and numerous sculptures and fountains with diverse designs have been installed to enhance the city’s aesthetics.
  9. Bilateral Meetings: As the host nation, India has received numerous requests for bilateral meetings. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will individually welcome world leaders at Bharat Mandapam in Pragati Maidan, the summit’s venue, on Saturday.
  10. Digital Experience Zones: To showcase India’s progress in the digital sector, digital experience zones are being established at Bharat Mandapam. Delegates and media personnel will have the opportunity to explore digital advancements. The Reserve Bank of India is setting up special zones where delegation members can experience UPI without prior registration.

These key points highlight the preparations and developments surrounding the G20 Summit in New Delhi, underlining the significant measures taken for security, convenience, and aesthetic enhancement in anticipation of the event.

Niyati Rao

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