Lohana Samaj’s Demand: Remove Rajesh Chudasama – We Refuse to Present Stained Lotus to Nation

In the wake of Dr. Atul Chag’s suicide case in Veraval, Gir Somnath, anger has erupted within the Raghuvanshi community of Junagadh over the BJP’s decision to field Rajesh Chudasama once again. Last night, a meeting was held at Lohana Mahajan Wadi, expressing strong resentment towards Rajesh Chudasama. 

During the meeting, it was revealed that a satisfactory resolution was reached earlier through a journalist council organized by Dr. Chag’s son, Hitarth Chag, two hours prior to the meeting. Moreover, an appeal was made not to hold any meetings or conferences using Dr. Chag’s name during the election period. 

Consequently, the Lohana community has become more adamant. They asserted that if the BJP doesn’t change its candidate, their hearts will only have one lotus (BJP symbol), and they won’t dedicate this lotus stained with the blemish of Dr. Chag’s tragedy to the nation. The Raghuvanshi Lohana community has only one demand: to withdraw Rajesh Chudasama’s ticket. 

Moreover, they warned that if the BJP insists on him, they will fight against them, even if it leads to the party’s defeat. Thus, it was witnessed that during the meeting in Junagadh, people present, along with representatives, unanimously expressed their readiness to confront the challenges ahead.

Lohana society demands to remove Rajesh Chudasma

Outrage Over Ticket Allocation to Accused in Dr. Atul Chag Suicide Case

In addition to Rajkot, anger has erupted against the BJP’s candidate in the Gir-Somnath district following the Dr. Atul Chag suicide case. 

Rajesh Chudasama, who faces allegations in the case involving well-known Veraval doctor Dr. Atul Chag, has sparked outrage among the Raghuvanshi community after being nominated by the BJP to contest the Junagadh-Gir Somnath Lok Sabha seat.

Demand for Ticket Allocation to Another Candidate at Junagadh Meeting

At the Junagadh meeting, there was a demand from the Raghuvanshi community to allocate the ticket to another candidate. This demand stemmed from the dissatisfaction with the BJP’s decision to field Rajesh Chudasama, who is accused of coercing a renowned service-oriented doctor into the suicide case and whose name has emerged in Dr. Chag’s suicide note. 

Hence, there is a call within the Raghuvanshi community to nominate another candidate instead of him. The FIR of this case includes the name of Rajesh Chudasama, the Member of Parliament. The case is ongoing in court, yet the party has decided to give him the ticket for the Lok Sabha. 

This has caused a great deal of distress among over 30 lakh Raghuvanshi families in Gujarat, extending beyond Junagadh and Gir Somnath districts. Rakesh Devani, a prominent leader of the Raghuvanshi community, along with other representatives, expressed their strong discontent, foreseeing a severe blow to the Raghuvanshi families.

In response to all the questions of the journalists, Hitharth Chug said - No comments...

Dr. Atul Chag’s Son Holds Press Conference Before Junagadh Meeting

Just two hours before the Junagadh Lok Sabha meeting, a significant gathering of the Raghuvanshi Lohana community took place in Veraval on Tuesday evening. What was initially planned as a theatrical event turned into an unexpected press conference hosted by Dr. Atul Chag’s son, Hitarth. 

During this gathering, it was openly disclosed that a satisfactory resolution had been reached through a journalist council previously organized by Hitarth. Additionally, an appeal was made against organizing any meetings or conferences using Dr. Chag’s name during the election period. 

Although only Hitarth was involved in the journalist council, the departure of the council without addressing journalists’ questions led to heated debates and various arguments, ultimately resulting in the discontinuation of the journalist council.

Radhuvanshi society is ready to defeat Rajesh Chudasama if he fights only.

Journalist Council Abandoned Instead of Providing Answers

Hitarth Chag decided to forego the journalist council and opted for direct action instead. In the journalist council, only written submissions were considered, leaving journalists with unanswered questions regarding Dr. Chag’s case – its nature, involved parties, and progress. 

Instead of addressing these concerns, the decision was made to abandon the journalist council. During the meeting, Hitarth’s conduct was closely scrutinized, sparking several heated debates. This was because Dr. Atul Chag had served not only the Lohana community but had provided invaluable service to all communities, which led to widespread discontent among people from all walks of life. 

On the other hand, the decision to exclude Hitarth’s journalist council solely from the Lohana community meetings became a subject of political analysis. However, even after this press conference, a Lohana community meeting was held where the demand to revoke Rajesh Chudasama’s ticket was raised.

In Suicide Note, Mention of Rajesh Chudasama

In the suicide note left by Dr. Atul Chag, it was explicitly stated that “I am committing suicide due to the harassment caused by Rajesh Chudasama and his father Naransinhbhai Chudasama.” 

The details revealed that Dr. Chag felt compelled to take such extreme measures due to the pressure of not being able to repay millions of rupees. Additionally, the resentment expressed by the Raghuvanshi community against the candidate for contesting the ticket further exacerbated the situation.

Anger in Raghuvanshi Community towards Girish Kotecha

Anger in Raghuvanshi Community towards Girish Kotecha

In a night meeting of the Raghuvanshi community held in Veraval, prior to the press conference organized by Dr. Atul Chag’s son, Hitarth Chag, a satisfactory resolution was announced. 

This resolution was considered a solution to the financial burden associated with Dr. Chag’s suicide note, where Rajesh Chudasama and his father Naransinhbhai Chudasama were mentioned as the cause of distress due to financial indebtedness running into crores of rupees. 

However, the Raghuvanshi community did not accept this solution. If Rajesh Chudasama is given the ticket for the Junagadh Lok Sabha, then the entire Raghuvanshi community will oppose it vehemently. In this context, Girish Kotecha, a prominent figure in the Raghuvanshi community, also expressed strong resentment. 

He conveyed that it is regrettable that Girish Kotecha has endorsed the candidacy of MP Rajesh Chudasama, causing significant discontent within the Veraval Raghuvanshi community.

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