Surat Tragedy: Elderly Killed, 8-Year-Old Injured as Nabeer Mistakenly Presses Accelerator; Police Question Accomplice

In a concerning incident within Surat’s transportation network, intoxicated driver Jitendra Malviya wreaked havoc by colliding with a rickshaw, a bike, and three pedestrians. Tragically, one elderly pedestrian lost their life at the scene, while an 8-year-old child sustained severe injuries and was rushed to SMIMER Hospital for treatment, where they are currently undergoing care. 

Surat Police swiftly took action, apprehending Malviya and initiating legal proceedings against him for his reckless actions. According to police reports, Malviya, inebriated, was found to have pressed the accelerator instead of the brake, leading to the series of collisions. The entire incident was captured on CCTV footage, aiding the police investigation. 

Further interrogations conducted by the police involved questioning the 35-year-old driver, Jitendra Jaswant Malviya, who admitted to his negligence under the influence of alcohol. He confessed to inadvertently hitting the accelerator while intending to apply the brakes. Legal actions are now being pursued by the authorities, and both Malviya and his accomplice have been detained by Surat Police for further investigation.

Drug paraphernalia was found in the car

Surat Tragedy: Child Under Care at SMIMER Hospital

Following the recent tragic events in Surat, where a drunken driver collided with pedestrians near the Swastik Tower, 65-year-old Gauriben Jivaraj Dholakiya was one of the victims. The incident occurred on Tuesday evening as Gauriben was crossing the road near the Swastik Tower, where she was hit by the intoxicated driver, causing a collision involving a rickshaw, bike, and five individuals in total. 

Unfortunately, the impact resulted in Gauriben’s demise at the scene, while 8-year-old Ravji Rajputia, another casualty, suffered severe injuries. Ravji Rajputia was swiftly transported to SMIMER Hospital for medical treatment, where he is currently under care. The child’s condition is being closely monitored as he continues to receive treatment at SMIMER Hospital.

Police arrested accused Jitendra and Nirav

Tragic Accident at Swastik Tower Leaves Several Injured

A devastating accident occurred near Swastik Tower, where chaos ensued as an unforeseen calamity resulted in multiple injuries. The entire incident was captured by CCTV cameras. Footage shows the driver recklessly veering off course, colliding with a bike, rickshaw, and pedestrians. 

Upon receiving notification, Surat Police swiftly dispatched a team to the scene. The deceased victim, Gauriben, was transported to SMIMER Hospital for post-mortem examination. According to the family of the child involved, the accident happened as they were crossing the road near Swastik Tower. The impact caused the child to be flung approximately five feet high, resulting in injuries to various parts of the body, including severe head trauma.

The old man died on the spot in the accident

Graphic Designer Involved in Tragic Accident

According to information obtained from Surat Police, Jitendra Jasvant Malviya resides with his family in a prominent neighborhood. He works as a graphic designer. On Tuesday evening, Jitendra, accompanied by his friend Nirav, was driving a Vento car along Canal Road in Surat. 

Police impounded the car

Both individuals had consumed alcohol, and there were empty bottles found inside the car. Meanwhile, Jitendra was driving the car, intending to drop Nirav off at his home on Canal Road. At that moment, while proceeding towards the vegetable market from the tax office, Jitendra mistakenly hit the accelerator instead of the brake, resulting in an accident.

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