Tanushree Dutta’s Legal Battle: Nana Patekar and Rakhi Sawant Accused of Tarnishing Reputation

On Wednesday night, Tanushree Dutta was seen at the Oshiwara police station. She was there with her lawyer to file a case against Rakhi Sawant. Speaking to the media, Tanushree Dutta mentioned that the FIR process has been initiated. She alleged false accusations against her in various videos released by Rakhi, including defamation and harassment.

Tanushree stated, I had to face emotional trauma as well. Mumbai Police will take action against Rakhi Sawant. This issue began in 2008 when Rakhi had issues with me because she was replaced in the film ‘Horn ‘OK’ Pleassss.’ Later, the producers rehired Rakhi. The producers even bounced all my checks. I believe that producers should not engage in such unethical practices. I had a good reputation at that time. I had worked in many films, and ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ was a hit. If a song like ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’ had been released during that time, I could have received more work. It was challenging for me due to the film. For the film’s sake, I had to endure a lot of emotional trauma.

Tanushree emphasized, Having relationships with actresses is not a character indicator for anyone. Nana Patekar has created an image where he portrays himself as a social worker. He only talks about social work in press conferences and never proves it. A complete person is one who lives with their family. Having relationships or connections with actresses is not a complete definition of someone’s character. Nana Patekar’s family does not live with him. He has not supported his child’s entry into the industry either. When I talk about Manya Surve, Nana Patekar’s brother, strange and unusual incidents have been happening for over a decade. From attempting murder to trying to break my car, there have been bizarre incidents.

Regarding Manya Surve, Tanushree said, Nana Patekar’s brother, Manya Surve, was involved in my life. Strange incidents have been occurring for over a decade, from attempted murder to trying to break my car. She also added that she had taken a strong stance in the film ‘The Vaccinators.’

The actress further stated, I work with honesty. Nana Patekar and Rakhi Sawant tarnished my reputation. Even after going to America, I had to face many challenges in my career. False accusations were made against me. Both have surprised people with their false allegations against me.

Niyati Rao

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