Schools Now Required to Obtain Approval From DEO for City Picnics: New Rule

The District Education Officer has announced new regulations, totaling 27, for school excursions. According to these regulations, schools will now require approval from the district education officer’s office, even for day picnics within the city, by school administrators. Failure to obtain approval may result in disciplinary action against the school. Additionally, schools were previously required to comply with 14 regulations during excursion times, as verified by the local education department.

Revised Rules for School Excursions

Previously, schools only needed permission for excursions outside the city, while local sites like Kankaria didn’t require approval. However, under the new rules, schools must seek approval even for local excursions. After a tragic incident during a picnic in Vadodara, the state has tightened regulations for school excursions, resulting in a significant decrease in the number of excursions conducted by schools.

Emphasis on Student Safety

Ensuring student safety is now the foremost priority during school excursions. New regulations have been formulated by the education department to ensure compliance. In Ahmedabad city, a checklist of 27 regulations has been prepared.

Compliance with Key Regulations

It is mandatory to maintain a ratio of 1 teacher per 20 students and 1 female teacher per 15 female students. Priority will be given to places of educational importance for excursions. Details of all expenses incurred during excursions must be displayed on the notice board. No permission will be granted for excursions to risky locations. Travel will not be allowed during nighttime. Schools must provide arrangements for clean water and food during excursions. Students must be educated on the use of fire safety equipment and other safety measures as per the excursion location. Safe arrangements for excursions must be ensured by the schools based on the location of the excursion.

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