Missing Kishore from Ahmedabad Found Safe in Goa After Heart-Wrenching Journey

In the state, many complaints of children going missing come to the police. Once, a child living in the western suburbs of the city, who was getting low marks, left home without informing anyone. The child’s parents were distressed by not finding him. After searching around the area, they eventually sought the help of the police. The Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of Zone 1 took charge of the entire case and formed separate teams to search for the child. The police investigation led to the child being traced from Ahmedabad to Mumbai and eventually to Goa. However, the Gujarat Police located the innocent child through their intelligence network and handed him over to his relatives.

It is noteworthy that this child had alighted from the Baroda Express Highway while returning from tuition classes, and the next day, he was found at Mumbai’s Bandra Terminus. There, the child begged and collected 1000 rupees before heading to Goa from there.

The complaint of kidnapping of a 14-year-old child was registered at the Ghatlodia Police Station in Ahmedabad on April 29. It was alleged that the child was abducted by someone with false promises and lure. Following the complaint, the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner issued instructions for the immediate search of the child. Consequently, the police actively began searching for the child. They interviewed individuals familiar with the place where the child went missing and also checked CCTV footage from surrounding areas through immediate surveillance.

The rickshaw driver dropped off the child at the Borivali Express Highway, according to CCTV footage. Upon questioning by the police, the rickshaw driver revealed that he had picked up the missing child from a tuition class and then proceeded to drop him off in the rickshaw. During the journey, the child informed the driver that his father had cancer and he urgently needed to go to Baroda. Subsequently, the rickshaw driver dropped the child off at the Borivali Express Highway.

On the morning of April 30, a member of the public reported seeing the missing child at the Bandra Terminal in Mumbai. Upon learning about the incident and the child’s family’s demand for Rs. 1000, immediate inquiries were made by contacting the concerned person’s phone number. The person quickly provided information from the Bandra Terminal, and CCTV footage from there showed the child leaving the terminal and boarding a rickshaw headed towards the city.

The child had boarded a train to Goa. Using the rickshaw driver’s rickshaw number as a reference, his mobile number was obtained, and he was questioned over the phone about the child’s intention to go to Goa. Subsequently, the police in Ahmedabad conducted investigations in Maharashtra and Goa. Through the examination of 36 CCTV footages, it was discovered that the missing child had indeed boarded a train to Goa. Based on this information, the police contacted the authorities in Goa.

The child had disembarked at Thivim Railway Station. Police had checked CCTV footage from Madgaon Railway Station, Thivim Railway Station, Karmali Railway Station, and Canacona Railway Station. It was found that the child had boarded the Netravati Express train number 11099 and had disembarked at Thivim Railway Station (Goa) around 8:30 PM that night. The CCTV footage confirmed this.

Based on human resources and after checking approximately 100 CCTV footages, the missing child was found in a garden near the parking lot. The police are bringing him back to Ahmedabad.

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