Congress Leader’s Health Worsens Post 5-Year Sentence in Bank Scam Fallout

After receiving a five-year sentence in the Nagpur District Cooperative Bank scam, Congress leader Sunil Kedar was admitted to a government hospital on Friday night. He entered the hospital due to severe pain in the head and chest. The medical examination, conducted before his imprisonment, had revealed pain in the head and chest.

Legislative Assembly Seat at Risk as Sunil Kedar Faces Conviction

With Sunil Kedar facing the possibility of a conviction in the court, his legislative assembly seat is now in jeopardy. The decision regarding Kedar’s legislative assembly seat is currently under consideration by the Legislative Assembly President Rahul Narvekar in the court. Narvekar’s decision on this matter is awaited as the assembly seat has been in crisis for more than two years. Kedar has applied for vacation before the judge appointed for land cases, as announced by retired Chief Secretary Anant Kalse.

Medical Complaints Lead to Hospital Visit

During his hospital visit, Kedar complained of severe migraine pain and chest discomfort, leading to a medical checkup. The doctors found slight variations during the examination. Currently, under the vigilant care of Dr. Nilesh Nishnat, Kedar’s medical condition is being closely monitored under the supervision of a dedicated medical team.

It is noteworthy that in 2002, Sunil Kedar, a former minister and current legislator of Congress, along with five others, was sentenced to five years in prison and a fine of 10 lakh rupees for his involvement in a 149-crore home trade scam in Nagpur District Cooperative Bank.

Unveiling the 150-Crore Scam

In 2002, a scandal involving more than 150 crores was exposed at Nagpur District Central Co-operative Bank. At that time, Kedar was the bank’s chairman. Several companies had purchased government bonds worth Rs. 125 crores through bank funds in 2001-2002. When these companies defaulted, the bank’s funds were not recovered. This financial irregularity resulted in a scam amounting to 150 crores.

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