Rajkot International Airport’s Runway to Extend to 4,000 Meters: Government Seeks Land for Expansion, Tender Process After Approval

The length of the runway at Gujarat’s first Greenfield Airport, Rajkot International Airport, may be extended further. One of the projects under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream project is the Rajkot International Airport. The international airport is located about 35 kilometers from Rajkot near Hirasar village on the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway. The inauguration by the Prime Minister took place on July 27th, and it has been operational for the last three months. To enhance facilities, the airport authority has requested the government to extend the runway, currently 3040 meters long, to a total of 4000 meters. This extension requires the acquisition of 77 acres of land, subject to government approval. Once approved, the tender process will be initiated to increase the runway length.

Demand for 77 Acres of Land: Director

In an exclusive interview with Divyabhaskar, Rajkot International Airport’s director, Digant Borah, stated that the current runway length is 3040 meters. To extend it by 960 meters in the north-east direction, approval is being sought from the collector of Surendranagar district. The government has been asked to acquire 77 acres of land for this purpose. After obtaining approval, the tender process will be carried out to increase the runway’s length to 4000 meters by handing over 960 meters of land for the extension.

Current Runway Length: 3040 Meters

Borah mentioned that the previous airport in Rajkot city had a runway length of 1875 meters. The current Rajkot International Airport, operational with a 3040 meters runway, facilitates smoother landings. The extended length provides pilots with more time and space for aircraft landings, even in challenging visibility conditions.

14 Aircraft Can Be Parked at the Airport

The old Rajkot airport could accommodate six parked aircraft, while the Rajkot International Airport can now accommodate 14 parked aircraft. Construction of a new terminal building is underway, and an aero-bridge will be introduced, connecting two aero-bridges to the terminal. This will allow passengers to board aircraft directly from the terminal, saving time and improving convenience.

New Terminal Building Construction in 2 to 3 Months

The current condition of Rajkot International Airport includes extensive greenery, making it prone to bird-related incidents that affect flight operations. To address this, a dedicated bird-scaring team is working to prevent bird hits and ensure flight safety. The airport, operational for over three months, has started introducing new facilities. The construction of the new terminal building is set to begin in the next 2 to 3 months, which will further enhance the airport’s capabilities.

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