Serious Blunder: 19-Year-Old Helicopter Booked for CM, Paid 50 Lakhs

Recently, during the movement of the Chief Minister (CM) and Governor in Gujarat, a serious controversy arose when Gujarat’s Governor chose not to travel by helicopter eight times, instead opting to use a helicopter that had not been cleared for CM and Governor’s risky aerial journeys. This decision by the Governor has sparked a grave concern for safety and security during VIP travel, especially when considering the serious responsibilities on the Governor’s part. An explosive incident occurred in 2005 when Gujarat’s CM, Gujarat CM Narendra Modi, booked a helicopter for 19 years from a private company based in Delhi. The critical issue here is that there were no accidents during any VIP flights, a fact that emphasizes the importance of a safe journey for every VIP flight conducted by the VIP.

Gujarat CM and Governor’s VIP Movement Protocol

In compliance with the protocols of the Chief Minister and Governor’s VIP movements, the state government issued a tender on July 13, 2023, which mandated that if the government’s helicopter is not available, the private company’s helicopter must be hired for CM and Governor’s safe travels. The helicopter to be hired should meet 12 technical specifications, including being manufactured in 2008 or later. The controversy emerged recently when Gujarat’s Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel booked a helicopter from Delhi to Bharuch on December 23 and the Governor Acharya Devvrat booked one from Gandhinagar to Morbi on the 24th. The helicopter booked for CM Patel was a model VT-HAX, which was involved in a controversy during the Congress event in August Westland. The crucial question arises about how the government can book a helicopter without going through the tender process publicly declared by the state government. This raises questions about the transparency and accountability in the process of booking helicopters for government officials.

Billing Controversy and Lack of History Verification

Gujarat’s private company billed around 4.80 lakh every hour for the helicopter booked by Governor Acharya Devvrat. However, there are allegations that the state government’s approval was not sought, violating the terms of the tender issued for outsourcing helicopters. Furthermore, there are concerns regarding the lack of history verification of helicopters booked by CM and Governor. The government must ensure that every detail, including the maintenance status and the identity of the flying captain, is thoroughly checked before booking. In case of emergencies, Gujarat has recently faced situations where the department lacks technical personnel, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive examination of the helicopter’s technical specifications and safety measures.

Technical Specifications for Booking Helicopters

The movement protocol emphasizes the need for helicopters to have specific technical features:

  • Helicopters must have dual engines.
  • Manufactured in 2008 or later.
  • Capable of flying non-stop for at least 120 nautical miles.
  • Equipped with weather radar and GPS navigation system.
  • Capable of accommodating at least five passengers, excluding the crew.
  • Should be certified for night flying.
  • Must have comfortable seating, air conditioning, and soundproofing in the VIP cabin.
  • Regular maintenance and monitoring by the Department are mandatory.
  • No history of any accidents should be associated with the helicopter.
  • Compliance with DC rules for helicopter verification and regular maintenance checks is essential.

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