French President to Grace India’s Republic Day as Chief Guest on January 26

India Invites French President Emmanuel Macron for Republic Day Parade:

After Biden’s refusal, India has extended an invitation to French President Emmanuel Macron to be the chief guest at the Republic Day Parade. According to ANI, Macron has accepted the invitation, marking his sixth visit to India. The visit will coincide with India’s Republic Day celebrations, where Macron will be the chief guest during the parade.

India has invited the French President five times since 1976, making this his sixth visit. Notably, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had also participated in the Bastille Day Parade in France earlier this year. In that parade, Indian Rafale aircraft showcased their flying prowess, and a contingent of 269 soldiers from the three services of the Indian Armed Forces participated.

Biden Not Available for India’s Republic Day; Macron Invited:

Joe Biden won’t be available for India’s Republic Day celebrations in 2024. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi had invited him as the chief guest, but the US President has declined the invitation. In Biden’s absence, French President Emmanuel Macron has been invited to be the chief guest at the Republic Day Parade. This will be Macron’s sixth visit to India.

Additionally, the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue (Quad) summit, scheduled to be held around January, will not see participation from other countries. According to ANI, the schedules of other Quad member nations did not align for the proposed meeting. The last time an American President attended India’s Republic Day Parade was in 2015 when Barack Obama was the chief guest.

India-France Relations:

India’s relationship with France is distinct from its interactions with other Western nations like the United States, Britain, and Germany. India often raises human rights and democracy concerns against these countries. In contrast, France has shown much less interference in India’s internal affairs. One significant reason for this is the absence of any major ideological differences or conflicts between India and France.

Apart from a brief period in July 1998, when India conducted nuclear tests and faced sanctions from Western countries, especially the United States, France has been supportive of India. French President Jacques Chirac stood by India during this period when many Western nations were critical.

France has been instrumental in helping India establish nuclear power plants. Despite reservations from other countries, France remains the only nation assisting India in enhancing its nuclear capabilities. The nuclear plant in Jaitapur, Maharashtra, is a symbol of the ongoing cooperation between the two countries. France has been involved in discussions with India and other nations regarding the plant.

India’s dependence on Russia for defense needs, especially after the Ukraine conflict, has prompted India to diversify its sources. France has played a crucial role in this effort. India has procured Rafale fighter jets from France, and ongoing negotiations indicate a desire to expand defense cooperation further.

The reports suggest that due to the upcoming elections in the United States, President Biden might not visit India in the near future. The preparations for the electoral process have started, and the Democratic Party’s primary elections have begun, with the first round starting from January 23, 2023.

The selection of the main candidate for the party is usually done through primary elections, where both the party members and the general public can vote. In some cases, the selection is made exclusively by the party’s members. Biden, at 80 years old, announced on April 25, 2023, that he would run for re-election.

Given the political engagements and the busy schedule associated with election campaigns, it is likely that President Biden’s international travel plans, including a visit to India, may be affected during this period. The focus during elections is typically on domestic issues, and international trips might be postponed until after the electoral process is completed.

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