Polycab India Limited’s Cable Manufacturing Operation: IT Search Operations Undertaken in 50 Locations, Including Daman in Madhya Pradesh

The IT team, along with the Income Tax Department’s separate teams, has initiated search operations at 50 Polycab company locations, including areas in Valsad district, Daman, Mumbai, and Gujarat. The search operation involves the residences of directors, company offices, and the living places of executives. These actions were taken last night as multiple teams from the Income Tax Department conducted search operations simultaneously at Polycab company and director’s residences.

Polycab India Limited Faces IT Department’s Simultaneous Search Operations

In association with the cable business, Polycab India Limited has come under scrutiny as the IT department conducts simultaneous search operations. The current search operations have been carried out in the Polycab company’s factory in Halol, sales office in Ahmedabad, head office in Mumbai, and Polycab company in Daman, all coordinated by the IT department’s teams. Teams from various locations, including Daman, Gujarat, and other IT teams, have been conducting search operations at Polycab since last night. The simultaneous search operations also include the residences of the company’s directors, all conducted by the IT department’s teams.

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