Income Tax’s Surat Super Operation Reveals Massive Unaccounted Transactions by Parth, Akshar Group, Kantilal Jewelers in 35+ Locations

Income Tax Department Initiates Operation in Surat Amidst Festival Season: Targets Groups Connected to Diamond and Jewelry Industry. A Team of Over 100 Officials Conducts City-Wide Search Operation, Uncovering Anonymous Transactions in Three Groups Across More Than 35 Locations. Tension Mounts in the Diamond City as Parth Group, Akshar Group, and Kantilal Jewelers Face Income Tax Scrutiny. Several Anonymous Transactions Uncovered, Involving More Than 100 Income Tax Officials in This Operation.

The well-known Diamond and Jewelers groups in Surat have come under the radar of the Income Tax Department, as a significant search operation has been initiated. Three prominent groups associated with the diamond and jewelry industry in Surat are now the focus of this search operation. According to sources, Income Tax officials are actively engaged in the investigation at the offices of Kantilal Jewelers, Parth Group, and Akshar Group in Surat. Furthermore, it has been revealed that search operations have also begun at two locations in Rajkot. According to insider information, over 100 tax officials have formed separate teams to conduct these operations.

With the onset of festivals, the Income Tax Department has become active. Alongside the commencement of festivities, the Income Tax Department has initiated operations targeting the diamond and jewelry industries. Notably, in Surat’s Diamond City, this operation has extended its scope to encompass major players in the diamond and jewelry sector. Officials have launched search operations, and there are indications of significant undisclosed transactions coming to light. Besides the diamond and jewelry industry, discussions have also begun regarding real estate builders facing scrutiny.

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